Cliff Bleszinski Is Making Video Games

But don't call it a comeback.

Cliff Bleszinski, creator Gears of War, sort of retired from creating video games. Then he came back again and said he was working on something, then that all went quiet for some reason. Now he is coming back for real, according to his twitter. Cliff Bleszinski is making video games again.

What is he working on? What made him decide to come back? Apparently he'll be revealing all in the next week or so.

It's interesting that people are making a fuss about this announcement, considering that Bleszinski has talked a lot about wanting to make a new arena style first person shooter for a while now. Whether or not this is the project he discussed before remains to be seen, but it'll be interesting to see precisely what he's working on, and what brought him back.


    I'd be stoked if they remade UT2K4 with latest Unreal engine and called it UT2K14.

    Interesting to see what he can push out. CliffyB has proven himself to be irrelevant over the last few years, but maybe he can turn it around with a hit.

    Hey Cliff. No more games about burly jocks with guns. More Shadow Complex though, please.

    They should have him work on the next space marine game :)

    Who cares. Cliffy B is one of the biggest douché bags of the gaming industry.

      While I won't disagree outright with that, it's people like him and Dave Jaffee who make the dev scene a little bit more interesting and a bit less full-of-PR-goons.

      ...except when he's saying things that agree with all those cunt feminists, right?

    It would be interesting if he ended up at ID software and revived Quake.

    I think Oculus Rift may have something to do with his 'comeback'....

    Even though he must have earned a lot by working on the Gears of War series, how was he even going to live the rest of his life in retirement anyway when he's only 39?

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