Community Review: Shovel Knight

What's the rule with retro-styled indie platformers? A couple of years we were supposed to like them. They were without doubt 'in fashion'. Nowadays there is a deluge of such games and the rule is more like 'disdainfully ignore them'. Shovel Knight seems to exist above and beyond those rules.

I think the rule really should be 'disdainfully ignore them unless they are really really good'. Which apparently Shovel Knight is.

I haven't been able to take the time to ply Shovel Knight yet, but it's been recommended to me by so many people whose opinions I respect that I won't be able to 'disdainfully ignore it' for much longer. I'm going to have to play this thing. I'm going to fall in love with it, aren't I!

PRAY TELL. Who among you has been playing Shovel Knight? How is it? Let us all know in the comments below.


    Excellent old-school 8-bit platforming bliss in the style of Mega Man and Ducktales.

    Very challenging though!

    I want to..... ON 3DS!!

      An american 3DS i guess, cos we dont have it yet.

        Not with region locking :(

          They are working on an EU/AU version though :D

          Still waiting for my 3DS copy from the KS.... in the meantime I be playing on peecee! :D

    Got a WiiU finally a couple of weeks ago so I'm hanging out for when it comes out on that!

    Anyone know when we get it??

      Now. On Steam and GOG.

        Oops! Should have specified. I meant the Nintendo release! Thanks though dude. Also, I see it mentioned a lot but have never known, what is GOG??

      No idea dude.....I wonder what the hold up is between releasing in the US and the European regions?

      I'm hanging out for this big time and will purchase on the Wii U for me some gamepad action.

        Dude the game pad is sweet as! Same reason I'm holding off to get it on wii u.

        Yeah I'm also curious about the hold up.. Looks like I'll just have to keep chopping away at Super Mario 3D World for the time being.

    It's the best thing since sliced bread. And sliced bread is, like, really really good you guys.

    Pretty sure you can only get this in Australia on Steam right now, with a console launch yet to be dated. Perhaps too soon for the Community Review?

    Having said that, I was planning on grabbing this on the weekend - on paper, it's pushing all my buttons, and player feedback has been really positive.

    I backed it on Kickstarter, and thusly received a code to download it on my Wii U. A code which generated an error message, instead of a tasty game. Hoping that's fixed when I try again later on.

    Can I get it on 360 yet?

      Its PC, Wii U and 3DS.

        I know, can I get it on other platforms yet?

          AFAIK from the KS and YCG's page SK is currently only planned for PC/Linux/Mac/Steam and the Ninty consoles = 3DS and Wii U

    Indies are becoming like apps. Only a couple of gems amongst junk.
    This is one of those gem moments.

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    I tend to avoid retro games, but felt compelled to pick this up. I'm glad I did! It's pretty damn good.

    Bought it on Steam when it came out. The reviews are right: it's how you remember 8 bit games, not how they actually are. I've had a load of fun in the 4-5 stages that I've played. The platforming so far has been tough but fair, which is a sign of quality for me.

    I strongly recommend buying a good controller for this. I've been using a 360, and although the D-PAD is not great, its much better than without. I'm interested in trying it with a real NES or SNES controller.

    Verdict: Buy

    My game of the year so far. Everything from level and character design to music is just top notch. Hats off to the guys at Yacht Club; they did a amazing job and the love they put into it really shows.

    "I'm digging it!"

    .... well someone had to bloody say it!

    i can't wait to play it when its released on gaming consoles in Australia, dunno why Kotaku keeps hiding that story under a rock.

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