Dark Souls Director Wants To Make A Warm, Fuzzy Game

Dark Souls Director Wants To Make A Warm, Fuzzy Game

Earlier this year, From Software of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, as well as the upcoming Bloodborne fame was purchased by Japanese corporate giant Kadokawa with Dark Souls‘ director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, taking on the reins as president of From Software.

In terms of the buyout, very little looks to change with From Software, Miyazaki assured in an interview with Weekly Famitsu. “From the beginning, Mr. Yasuda of Kadokawa has told me that ‘we have no intention of making you leave the development frontlines’ and that ‘we have no intention of meddling with From Software’s development.'” Miyazaki noted a great deal of relief at this, stating that although he was now president of the company, deep down, he was still a developer, and making games was why he was in the business in the first place.

As to the future of From Software, Miyazaki expressed some concern at the company’s focus on the trend of “dark” games. “I feel that From Software’s title lineup will need a little more variation.” Miyazaki said. “We have dark fantasies like Dark Souls, of course, but I’d also like for us to make more mech games like Armoured Core, or Asian style titles like Tenchu or Otogi: Myth of Demons. From Software used have a lot more rather quirky titles. I used to love such games or making such games, and I think there was a lot of stimulation and ideas that came from that.”

Asked what sort of game he wants to make, Miyazaki said, “There are lots of games I’d like to make. I’ve said this before, but I’d really like to make a ‘warm’ game. Something like Popolocrois or ICO.” Miyazaki added, “Also, this is a bit of a dream, but I’d like to make some kind of analogue game. Something like a board game, a card game, or a tabletop RPG.”

At the moment, Miyazaki’s attention is on being president of a company and directing a highly anticipated upcoming game, so such dreams probably will have to come after that. Said Miyazaki, “Bloodborne is probably going to be our first title under new administration, so I’d like to make it a good, solid game.”

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  • 1) I don’t blame him. Been experiencing a bit of fatigue with (albeit gorgeous) grimdark myself, recently… even while still feeling its allure.
    Pretty much gave up on watching all the pointlessly violent anime, just looking for more mature storylines with people who resolve their problems without violence.

    If I can experience that as a mere consumer, I can only imagine the wear of it on someone who is submerged in it daily for the sake of creation.

    2) Dear Miyazaki, please pursue your dream of board games/card-games/hybrids/whatever. That shit gets backed and fulfilled successfully on Kickstarter all the time, with a MUCH higher success rate than video games. The game industry may frown on having any kind of life outside the office which doesn’t involve basic ablutions (bathing, mostly, and maybe checking in briefly with spouse/children or sleep. But only if absolutely necessary, that’s otherwise frowned upon), but it should be OK to have a hobby.

  • I’d love to see a global release of Metal Wolf Chaos as well as a more open world Tenchu. Tenchu Z was an ok game, but lacked a bit of the spirit of the previous titles so I’d like to see what From can do with it now they have more experience with games like the Souls series. Besides, Tenchu is one of my favourite series ever.

  • Bring back Otogi, make the first two available via digital distribution or pack them in with a third entry to the series.

  • Give me more Armoured Core and I will be a very happy man. Can’t get enough of that micro-management mech game.

  • Knowing From Software’s talent for world building, I’d hazard a guess that whatever they end up creating we’re in for a treat. That said another Armored Core in the style of 4 or 4A would be my preference.

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