Dark Souls On The Oculus Rift In First Person Is A Dream Come True

Okay, I'm not saying Dark Souls on the Oculus Rift would work in any real sense, and I'm not saying the appeal wouldn't wear off either. But seriously — who wouldn't want the chance to disappear into Firelink Shrine, with the music... and that annoying guy who tells you to ring the bells. I don't know if I could play through the entire game like this, but I sure want to experience it.

The crazy thing about the Oculus Rift is the feeling of actually disappearing into an environment. It's a difficult thing to describe, but an incredible thing to experience. Getting the chance to disappear into the universe of Dark Souls is a pretty tantalising thought.

The best thing about the above video is watching a Dark Souls veteran get completely hyped over the smallest, most insignificant parts of Dark Souls — like fighting a standard enemy, or simply moving across an environment.

It's also fun to watch the player quickly realise that Dark Souls is not optimised for the Oculus Rift, and how awkward and weird the combat is! All things considered he does a pretty good job. Definitely worth a watch.


    Urrrrghhh... I had to stop watching that after only a minute because it was honestly making me feel queasy! I guess it's probably the framerate? Combined that with actually being in 3D, and goodbye lunch!

    Cool idea though. I'd still give it a shot, even with the high probability of vomit.

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      I agree... They need to smooth this out more... Blergh

    I have to stop watching these rift videos
    It just makes me want to go out and blow my weekly budget and buy one!

    Not sure why everyone feels the need to make everything first person in the rift.

    I've played quite a few demos in 3rd person and it works surprisingly well ( I had my doubts)

    You don't get the issues with movement or depth perception from the character animations for these types of games but you still get the sense of awe at being in the environment.

    Think of when you stand still in a 3rd person game and use the right stick for example to simply look around - that is what is replicated in the rift and it is awesome.

      I think it's more about the immersion factor. If you're just going to do it in 3D, you might as well watch it on the style of 3D monitor that has been around for years. But you need the whole first person package to make it worthwhile on a head-mounted display.

      "use the right stick to look around"

      Coupled with avatar head movement and you've got a great development for adventure games.

    I see myself getting shanked through the back constantly. Which even happens in 3rd person, because I've never memorized the map/s and enemy locations of the dark souls series.

    I'm a huge fan of the Oculus Rift but this is the first video that I almost immediately needed to turn off. I'm still nauseous.

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