Darkwood's Blend Of Procedurally-Generated Terror Hits Early Access Next Week

Top-down procedural scarefest Darkwoord, a game we were briefly introduced to last year, is readying itself for its Early Access debut next week on Steam. To celebrate, developer Acid Wizard Studio has released an "interactive" trailer, just in case you don't want to sleep tonight.

Of course, the idea of "choose-your-own-adventure" videos isn't a new one, but it works well for Darkwood. As the protagonist explores the generated "mysterious woods somewhere in the Soviet Bloc", doing his darndest not to die a gruesome death, it's hard to resist the temptation to scream "No, don't go through that door!" or "Stop hitting that lizard creature thing and run likes the Dickens!".

The "interactive" aspect of the trailer isn't particularly interactive though — you only make the one choice. It might have been better to create shorter snippets and put out more videos to give it more longevity (and replayability I guess).

The game has definitely got its style nailed — nothing quite gets you in the mood for ruining a pair of perfectly good underpants than a dark, shadowy world with a single light source. Toss in some exploration and rogue-like elements and you have a combination that's hard to say no to.

Darkwood interactive trailer [YouTube]


    Wow that looks amazingly awesome. Text looks straight out of Fallout 2 iirc.

    I've been eyeing this since mid-last year, I can't wait

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