Dedicated DayZ Player Spends Hours Swimming To Mysterious Island

Dedicated DayZ Player Spends Hours Swimming To Mysterious Island

Eleven kilometres off the coast of Chernarus, the map zombie-and-player-killing simulator DayZ takes place on, lies "Debug Island". Also known as "Schadenfreude Island", this abandoned and barren little piece of land has gone unexplored in the standalone version of DayZ... until now.

Before he took off on his four hour plus trip, redditor Gews had to make sure he was well prepared. After making sure his character was properly hydrated and fed, and grabbing three canteens' worth of clean water for the trip, Gews set out to sea: It's a shame there's nothing there. Seems like a great place for buried treasure. A magic sniper rifle or something.

Journey to Schadenfreude Island [r/dayz]


    What an article...

    "Guy wastes 4+ hours"

    Hey, hire me. I don't require much compensation.

      Snarky responses aside it was an interesting read. Perhaps there's not a lot of article on Kotaku's end, but I was directed to something which passed the time in a satisfactory manner.

      If I had a dollar for every time someone on this site felt themselves an über journalist who knows better than the authors on the site I would be absolutely loaded :P

      But please, do go and write for a featured news source. I'm sure you'll rise to the top in no time, expert ;)

        Crap article is still crap, brown nosing aside.

      Typical Reddit repost article. 50% of kotaku article are consist of twitter and reddit posts now anyway. Don't put too much hope when you click into an article.

      Last edited 01/07/14 10:14 am

    Don't people fly helicopters over there anyway?

      No Vehicles in the Standalone.... thats the main reason i dont play standalone

    No Zombie Sharks?

      There might be, but by the pop culture definition of "zombie" wouldn't that just mean the "zombie sharks" would be eating other sharks and just ignore a human? I mean, you've never seen a zombie human eat a cow or a sheep, have you?

    I find it more amazing that he kept the dude alive for the month before the trip. Nothing would be shooting or clawing at him out there. But if i were a dev, i'd be adding just enough sharks so you'd be eaten every 5 attempts or so. And just enough food and water that a small party could try occupy it.

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