Destiny Glitch Lets You Grab As Much Loot As You Can Carry

Destiny Glitch Lets You Grab As Much Loot As You Can Carry

Been feeling broke in the beta for Bungie’s new game? Don’t worry. There’s a glitch that lets you access loads of Glimmer, as long as you’re willing to do a lot of running back and forth.

PS4 player Jason Betthauser figured a ‘loot looping’ exploit on the Forgotten Shores part of the game. The glitch involves grabbing a loot chest in one of the area’s caves, going to a distant part of the level and coming back to find a respawned chest. It’s an open question as to if/when Bungie is going to patch out this glitch so grab that loot while you can.

[via IGN]


  • There are better loot paths then this. Before entering the devils lair there are 3-4 chests around the area you can rotate between quickly.

  • I wouldn’t call that a glitch.. it’s been stated that loot chests respawn randomly every 90secs. You’d get loot faster just by going to the loot locations on the way to the forgotten shore and back again like I do.

    Even though glimmer is pointless in the beta really lol

  • …so grab that loot while you canThat depends on whether Bungie is going to reset characters or not when the game releases. Now that everyone knows about it, Bungie are probably going to reset everyone’s glimmer at least.

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