Destiny’s Beta On The PS3 Vs PS4

Destiny’s Beta On The PS3 Vs PS4
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While the final release of Destiny might differ a bit from what everyone experiences and sees during the beta, we’ve already gotten a sense of how the different versions of the game will visually compare.

Obviously, something on a last-gen console won’t look as hot as a current-gen console release — as you can see in this video by DigitalFoundry. Still, the game is gorgeous on both platforms. It’s also worth remembering that you can transfer your saves from last-gen consoles to current-gen consoles, should you buy the game on the PS3 and then later decide that you’d like the prettier version instead.

Destiny Beta: PS3 vs PS4 Comparison [DigitalFoundry]


  • They really won’t be able to get the full use out of the current console generation until the last one is finally put to rest. ATM its mostly fluff (ssao, resolution, textures etc) they are still heavily limited by last generations memory\cpu limitations. Hopefully in the next few years we’ll see more advanced ai, larger levels etc. Is Uncharted 4 is a ps4 exclusive? Or is it getting released on the PS3 as well? would be a good opportunity for Sony to really show what the PS4 is capable of.

  • The PS3 version does look pretty nice, but I am still gonna pick it up on PS4 for the nicer textures and sky box.

  • What the hell did that film that video at? 10fps? That or for some reason it was just stuttering on my end. Anyone else think the vid was complete rubbish in the framerate department?

    • I’d be inclined to say that it was slowed down to allow the details to be seen, and compared in slower motion.

    • It’s how Digital Foundry present their video’s when doing a graphics comparison; they slow the footage down so that it’s easier to see the differences. If they were doing a framerate comparison, then the recording would be played back at full speed to outline the differences.

  • It does actually look pretty good – but it’s still consoles. I reckon instead of steam boxes, Valve should act like Sony and Microsoft and throw money at dev’s to make PC exclusives – we need a big company with deep pockets to have that kinda sway. Destiny on PC…now that makes me hard.

    • Yea so true. I got a ps4 for exclusives and i cant stand playing anything below 60fps. 30 fps and sub 1080p seems to be the norm for the so called “next gen”.

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