Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks

Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks

Associating Bungie with Halo and Xbox is so last-gen. This generation, Bungie plans to release their newest game, Destiny, on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms — but some fans perceive console favouritism, and they're not happy about it.

If you've paid attention to Destiny at all in the past year, then you probably know what sorts of things have set some of the Bungie playerbase off. Sony has embraced the multiplatform shooter so much that, based on marketing alone, I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that Destiny was PlayStation exclusive. During E3, Sony opened with Destiny — and they boasted about how players would be able to play the game first on PlayStation. Sure enough, the Destiny alpha turned out to be PS4 only — and the upcoming Destiny beta will launch on PlayStation first, too. When I played Destiny earlier this year, before the public had access to the game, it was on the PS4. When the game actually releases, PlayStation Destiny owners will also enjoy console-exclusive content — such as multiplayer maps, a mission, and special items. The game will be a PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

All of this has come together to make some Bungie fans rather upset. One look at the Bungie forums at current, and you'll catch a lot of in-fighting between PlayStation and Xbox players, with the most popular trending threads mostly relating to Bungie's treatment of PlayStation fans versus Xbox fans. While some lay out their issues, others more angrily demand for change — and write petitions:

Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks
Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks
Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks
Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks
Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks
Some Bungie Fans Feel Betrayed About Destiny's PlayStation Perks

You can view a bunch more threads on these subjects here — though, obviously, the sort of folk that would populate a forum aren't necessarily representative of Bungie fans at large. And there are, in fact, some level-headed people on the forums that think this sort of thing is silly, too — because let's face it, some of the perks PlayStation Destiny owners will enjoy aren't that big of a deal. Still, it's interesting to see the effects of the shift in Bungie's platform loyalty, considering they traditionally debuted their Halo games on Xbox platforms. We can all talk about how console wars are dumb, but we can't deny that some business practices inevitably encourage that mentality and outlook.

How does Bungie feel about this? From an interview with GameSpot where a fan asked if Bungie would throw Xbox fans a bone, or if Bungie would "keep ignoring them:"

"Who's ignoring you? We're right here; making a game we hope you'll love. We're listening to your questions, and answering the ones we can. If you're a gamer who wants to play a Bungie game, you're very much on our mind — every day."

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    Newsflash - Bungie doesn't owe anyone anything! ...Except for shareholders, I guess.

      I dunno, rabid Halo/Microsoft fans sort of made Destiny possible. Sure they paid for the games and Bungie entertained them, it's easy to say the deal ended there, but at the same time the people outraged here are also the people who put Bungie in a very, very good position that most FPS developers don't even dare to dream about being in.
      Personally I'm not bothered, I actually sort of think Destiny is going to fizzle so I don't see it being a problem long term, and I don't think they should automatically do whatever the loudest fans say, but I think when you reach the level Bungie have off the back of pretty much one fan base you should avoid selling them out with these sorts of moves (although I think more importantly you should avoid these sorts of moves in general. =P).

        Actually Activision made Destiny possible.

        The ONLY reason why Halo fans enjoyed several years of Halo exclusivity is because Microsoft paid them large sums of cash.

        IF Microsoft stopped paying them cash years ago, then Bungie would have left Microsoft and gone multiplatform then, and they would have still been as successful if not more, because they would have still created top tier AAA games, just not exclusively.

          Bungie didn't make Halo games because Microsoft paid them large sums of cash, Bungie made Halo games because Microsoft owned Bungie completely. They bought themselves out again after ODST and finished Reach as part of their contractual obligation to Microsoft.
          The deal with Activision ensured support for a large-scale multiplatform title, but unfortunately for Xbox fans, they're heavily favouring Sony this time around.

            Microsoft bought Bungie in 2000. At the time they were working on the first Halo game. It was originally a multiplatform game but when Microsoft bought them, the project was refocused to become the Xbox exclusive launch title we now know.

            Bungie themselves have said that for the first Halo game, it was very important for them to have the financial support that Microsoft gave them, as they were launching a new IP which as we know is difficult.

            Hence, the large sums of cash.

            Bungie have now signed a 10 year publishing deal with Activision for them to fund them creation and on-going support of Destiny. So, similar to what happened with Halo, but still very different.

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              "Paying large sums of cash" is what Activision is doing for Bungie and Destiny.

              That's not the same as "buying the company". While Bungie did benefit financially and that enabled them to produce the games, they were basically the horses being fed enough to continue pulling the Microsoft carriage. Thankfully they were successful enough to buy themselves out later, basically giving their earnings back to Microsoft to enable them to pursue other, less restrictive endeavours.

              My point is, they didn't make Halo games because it was profitable, they made Halo games because they had no real choice in the matter.

                The point I was trying to make, is that it was Microsofts wallet which ensured more Halo titles.

          Because Activision just go around handing out that money to anyone with a dream in their eye and a song in their heart. Without Halo's absurd levels of success and Bungie's die hard fanbase that deal would have never been on the table. You could walk in with a half dozen well received FPS games under your belt and they'd have security escort you out the building if you even suggested they give you what they gave Bungie/Destiny.

          IF Microsoft stopped paying them cash years ago, then Bungie would have left Microsoft and gone multiplatform then, and they would have still been as successful if not more, because they would have still created top tier AAA games, just not exclusively.

          I don't quite agree with that. Microsoft invested a lot in Bungie and Halo. A lot more than any sane person would. I really think as a MacOS exclusive it wouldn't have had the impact it did as an XBOX exclusive. As a multiplatform game it wouldn't have had XBOX Live. We can only speculate but I think it's fair to say being the flagship game of the XBOX console and XBOX Live service, as well as having Microsoft just throwing fist fulls of money at the brand, played a big part in the series success.
          Still Microsoft were happy to let Bungie go so that's the end of that. It's no different to me selling my business in that everything gained from the money I've invested is part of the package being sold. I'm certainly not suggesting they owe Microsoft anything. Although personally I find the willingness to jump straight in bed with the competition a little distasteful from a business perspective, but that's just how American companies operate. Relationships begin and end on the dotted line.

          Normally I agree with the original line of thinking here. Especially from an artistic perspective. However in this case I really think the fanbase seriously contributed to the studios success which is what made Destiny possible. I mean just look at how big a role community has played in Halo over the years. Microsoft and the fans put Bungie in this position. Microsoft is happy to bow out of that because they got a ton of money, but all these fans are getting is screwed. It's not just a case of not getting preferential treatment, they're getting put in the position where they have to pick Halo over the full Destiny experience.

            But what about all the early map pack releases Xbox has been getting before ps3 and ps4.

          Yeah I'm kind of torn on it, I feel it probably does owe its substantial fanbase who gives them money something.

        I will never see it as "selling them out" when people are not contractually (or otherwise) obliged to only own one device. I mean, otherwise aren't they selling out by moving on from MacOS way back when? :P

          But they did sell out the original Halo fanbase. I mean Mac and Marathon fans didn't have the same massive investment (financial or otherwise) going on that current Halo fans do, it was barely attached to Mac at all and I think ultimately it was a great move for Bungie, but Bungie sold those fans out. In this case it's a deal where Activision/Bungie get money to pressure Bungie/Halo fans into buying PS4s instead of XBOX Ones.
          Just because Bungie never signed a contract with the community preventing it or the community didn't formally invest money in the company doesn't mean it's ok to strong arm them this way.

          when people are not contractually (or otherwise) obliged to only own one device.

          Thankfully I'm in a position where I can build a house out of PS4s if I want, I brought one at launch pretty much out of curiosity, but most people are obliged to not piss their money up the wall. They're unfairly stuck between choosing XBOX Live or PSN for social reasons (times a million when talking about games like Halo and Destiny). Hell, some of them just don't have room for three consoles and 12 controllers. Right now I'm feeling pressure to replace my TV just because it doesn't have five HDMI inputs (not that I'm complaining, it's a great problem to have).

            You forgot the #firstworldproblems tag at the end :P

            I was not referencing Halo, by the way. Bungie did well long before then with other IPs (ie Marathon and Myth).

            People bought a game, that doesn't give them any intrinsic rights to certain expectations of the company beyond ensuring the product is released at a playable level.

              I always forget about Myth. Still, I don't think that era Bungie would have been given what it took to make Destiny. They weren't bad but nobody would have been shocked if EA ate them.

              I'm not disagreeing with the fact Halo for $80 was the transaction. The game was what was on the box and worked and that's pretty much the end of the legal obligations. However after the fans brought the game they also participated in the community, and even Bungie admit their community was vital to their continued success.
              This is the equivalent of me borrowing a thousand dollars off you, using it along with other support you provided to start a business, becoming successful, paying you back on the agreed terms, and then spitting in your face because fuck you I didn't agree not to. I don't need to pay you back more money than we agreed on and I'm not even obligated to say thanks, but I would say that if I need to be an obnoxious jerk I should hold it in while you're around or at the very least find someone else to take it out on.

              These people may sound like maniacs but what they're asking for is perfectly sane - they're asking that the fanbase that seriously contributed to their current success not be treated like garbage. An accountant would say Bungie owe their fans nothing and they'd be right, a human should say they owe them at the very least the common courtesy to not sell them to the highest bidder. Hell, even without the whole community contributing to Bungie's success thing gamers in general deserve not to be treated like this. It'd be a dick move from anyone else, but here it's somewhat of a betrayal.

              Frankly I think everything else aside Activision are stupid to pull this crap with a studio like Bungie and a project like Destiny. They get some cash/free promotion from Sony, maybe some brownie points with them, but it's at the cost of alienating a lot of the people who make Bungie worth investing in. They're also overlooking that they're counting on people like these, passionate fans, to build a community for Destiny. They're going to have a hard enough time dealing with the PS3/XBOX 360 community quitting because they feel neglected, then they went and threw the XBOX One community in that mess too.

      Can I just say and if you are a gamer you should DEFINATELY know this... bungie doesn't give a damn... remember what they did to MAC and MARATHON... they jump ships more than Jack Sparrow would!!!

      and for this I owe them nothing unless those soulless jerks make a new MYTH game!!!!!

      True PS3 fans are annoying with entitlement but it's a dang game. I don't think that any amount of special treatment to one will be over looked for the other in the future. Xbox fans get more content for gat 5 already and it's soon to come for the PS3. It's just a waiting game. These game developers and designers can do whatever the hell they please with the game they've made thank you f4fiction for pointing that out I hate Xbox and PS heated debates I play both gears of war is Xbox exclusive but I like PS3 am I wrong in assuming that a game is a game?

    Did something happen between Bungie and MS?

    Last edited 09/07/14 12:08 pm

      When bungie split from MS they felt they got screwed over. MS ended up with everything except the name on the front door.

        Where on earth did you get that information?

        Bungie bought themselves back from MS because they wanted to be independent again. Part of the deal with handing over the entirety of the Halo IP to MS so they could give it to 343 Industries to pump out another bunch of Halo games, that's true, but Bungie didn't want to make any more Halo games.

      Not really.

      Bungie wanted to move away from Halo and onto other games, Microsoft wanted to continue pumping out Halo games, so they bought the Halo IP from them.

      That is all.

    Xbox are getting Dragon Age with some console exclusive perks arent they? Should PS owners get annoyed? At E3 the games I was most excited about where all at the Xbox press conference and I own a PS4. In the end, my life is not changed that much by what extra I'll be getting from Destiny or losing from DA.

    Last edited 09/07/14 12:10 pm

      I think for many people the idea is the exclusive DLC within the DLC. DLC is already far too expensive in some cases so having things stripped out for one console for a year (rather than the COD map pack month) is a bit of a slap in the face. I know it's personally making me reconsider buying any DLC and just sticking with vanilla Destiny (assuming the beta is any good).

      Last edited 09/07/14 12:27 pm

        This. Except ill be buying the dlc, knowing that I'm getting less and paying the same, just gritting my teeth and bending over. I only have 1 friend on psn so buying destiny for ps4 would be pointless. Even that 1 friend is buying Destiny for x1, because playing a multiplayer game without your friends is defeating the whole point.

        All Bungie is saying is that my money is worth less if I choose to play on the xbox platform/s. That's enough for me to be grumpy about, but it's not enough for me to not buy it. I'm an Aussie gamer. Im used to being fracked in every way "they" (govs laws and censorship, Aussie Tax etc) can frack me.

      The issue is a multi-platform title getting exclusive content alone.

      There is no issue with a title being a console exclusive, but to have content only ever available on one console is ridiculous, if the game is multi-platform.

      If it's not exclusive, but paid DLC at a later date, that's even more absurd.

      You're then giving an entire console usership content for free based on a decision they made that had nothing to do with the game.

      That's just inequality. I'd go so far as to say commercially unethical. It isn't a retailer with an unlockable costume skin, it's actual gameplay they're making exclusive to just one console for absolutely no reason.

      Thank you for putting that simply.

    lol nerd rage. All me me me me. Companies be like, let make maw money?

    Why do xbox owners feel entitled. Bungie isn't an MS studio.

    Seems to me that they aren't Bungie fanboys but Microsoft fanboys. If you were a fan of bungie you would buy whatever console/toaster you needed to play their newest game first.

    Perhaps now they will recognise that paid exclusivity sucks no matter which console it is on.

      Exactly. These fanboys seem to have forgotten that Bungie wasn't always on Xbox or Windows. They started off first on Mac with the Marathon games (later ported to Windows). Halo was originally developed for the Mac too. I'm sorry but these M$ fanboys are a bunch of unreasonable crybabies.

      Last edited 09/07/14 12:33 pm

        Paying the same for dlc, getting less and calling Bungie out on it makes me an "unreasonable crybaby"? Really?

      Well that's not fair, to be a Bungie fan you need to buy a PS4?

      I can only afford one console, the XBone or the PS4, my friends are all getting the XBone so to play together with them I'm getting it too.

      I think console exclusive content that is not merely cosmetic is bad for the industry as a whole, just look now Gamestop is trying to start up store exclusive content.

        I agree that it sucks, that was my point. These guys are only upset because the exclusivity has shifted away from their console of choice. They should be upset at any platform/retailer exclusivity deals as they are bad for gaming.

          There is a fair amount of fanboyism above, but as I say below and in a thread the other day. I am against this sort of exclusivity for games.

          I'm not saying games can't be exclusive to a specific console, I'm saying if you release a multi platform game you give everybody on every platform all the game.

            I agree, but don't forget about retailer exclusive DLC as well!

              I do mention that in the post above.

              Interestingly, it seems all the stuff for Sony is getting for Destiny is only exclusive until Spring (US I'd assume) 2015. It's actually just a long timed Exclusive.

        No, you don't need to buy a PS4 to be a Bungie fan, that is not hte point being made. The point being made, is that it is not correct, for someone to be SO angry at Bungie for not offering exclusive stuff to XBox, when that person chose to buy an Xbox One over a PS4, especially when Destiny was announced and the Playstation exclusive stuff was announced 6 months before the consoles were released.

        There are many people who chose to get an Xbox One because of other reasons which are more important, like you for example, your friends are all on Xbox. That is fine, but that is just an unfortunate situation you are in, it is not Bungie's fault your friends are all on Xbox.

        So stop complaining.

        And saying that console exclusive stuff is bad for the industry is a total fucking joke, honestly. Xbox fans have been enjoying exclusive content for the past decade, and have all LOVED it. Now that it is happening to them, and your saying it's bad for the industry...... lol

          Let's not go all fanboy on this, which makes the Destiny Forums quite toxic IMO as every group tries to out yell the other group.

          Well how do you feel about Gamestop/EB trying to get Store exclusive content? Because I'm thinking that really sucks too and the only reason their doing it is because MS and Sony have started this exclusive BS.

        Most bungie fans are also Halo fans, the halo LAN club im in here in WA is over 250 members. I imagine most will be going over to xbox one not PS4 just for some extra content.

        P.S, I feel hard done by bungie so consider me part of the ass hurt crowd if I had to pick a side. If they just made it timed exclusive content I would be fine with that. For the record Im glad its going multi platform, thats not an issue!

        Stop being such a sheep?

          Wanting to play games with my friends makes me a sheep? Could you expand on that?

      I agree it sucks but I take issue with the general vibe that fingers Xbox as being the worst with paid exclusivity - outside of GTA IV and COD (and who gives a fuck about COD) timed exclusives have mostly been a Sony thing last gen - Battlefield 3, the Batman games, the Assassin's Creed games. They have been just as bad and they're getting worse

      Exactly this. I bought an Xbox (original) because I was a Bungie fan from their early Mac era (Pathways Into Darkness, Operation Desert Storm) and I'd been following the game for years, ever since it was first shown off by Steve Jobs at Macworld in 1999.

      The fact that PS4 was their lead platform for Destiny is a lot of the reason why I got a PS4.

      Bungie has been xbox halo exclusive for like the last 15 years... What do you expect? Their community came from the xbox community

    these same people turn around and shout haha xbone exclusive in the same breath, when it suits their needs.

      Because timed Xbox exclusive DLC was sold for the same price on Playstation with some of the content removed? That ever happened?

      Or is this a completely different situation?

        no its more along the lines of HaHa PS4 will never get a Halo game, or ha ha PS4 will never get a bungie game, and now they are all but-hurt that not only is the PS4 getting a bungie game, but PS4 is also getting exclusive content.

        the whole lot of them are hypocrites on both sides, measuring their e-peens based on exclusives, i mean they have to justify their $500+ investments somehow.

          So you're basically pointing out that everyone gloats about exclusive content and gets annoyed when they miss out.

    Very amusing.

    It's smart PR for Bungie. The company and the brand are dominating every media outlet. And the game, Destiny, is the ultimate ch00-ch00 hype train at the moment.....

    "Mac users supported bungie from the beginning! Marathon fans deserve recognition!"


    But seriously, I feel betrayed, no new marathon in almost 20 years.

      Your comment just made me finally register just so i could upvote your comment. But yeah Minatur, Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon trilogy, Myth the Fallen Lords and Myth 2 Soulblighter, Oni all existed well before halo and without them there would be no halo and no destiny.

    I'm not sure what Playstation is getting that Xbox isn't, but could it be to do with features the Xbox isn't able to support? Something that either the console or marketplace architecture can't handle properly?

    It would be amusing if all there Xbox fanboys were complaining to Bungie if it's something the console can't handle.

      No because both the PS3 and PS4 are getting the feartures. The PS3&4 gets DLC a year earlier, they get a Multiplayer Map, an Instance run and a 3rd in game map exclusive to them. It's not capabilities of the machine we're talking about like the PS4 running 1080p and the XBone only running 900p. (I don't know if there is a difference in the resoloutions) To be clear both Sony Machines get more stuff.

      It is literally they get more game for the same money.

      I am against console exclusive content for anybody, because it means somebody loses somewhere. The exception I make is for early unlocks or cosmetic changes. If PS4 just got some exclusive Armour it would be fine, but it seems fair that XBone should get their own exclusive armour?

      At the end of the day people are forgetting something very important. This is not Bungie who are doing Sony only content, it's Activision who now hold the Purse strings. And when Sony is helping with the 500 Million cost and want something in return Activision make it happen.

        Fair enough then. Definitely sucks to be an xbox player. I don't blame them for feeling jibbed.

    Can't really complain Xbox fans are getting an entire game made by a playstation dev

      ??? Which game?

        Sunset Overdrive by (previously Sony exclusive devs) Insomniac.

          I was of the opinion only Ratchet and Clank was Sony Exclusive and the other Insomniac games where cross platform.

            You can see the list of games they developed here:


            Their first non-PlayStation game was released in mid-2012.

              I thought the original Spyro also came out on the Sega Saturn too, been ages and the wiki seems to disagree with me.

          It sounded like he was talking about a current dev. Microsoft are publishing Sunset Overdrive though. I'm not too fussed about the Destiny content though. It sounds like the game is going to be huge anyway.

      Yeah well the funny thing about that, is that whenever I bring that up in this argument, the Xbox fans completely ignore that point.

      They just want to complain. I haven't heard ANY PS fans being little bitches about Sunset Overdrive.

      THIS, a thousand times this.

      Fuse was Insomniac's first cross platform game.
      Ratchet & Clank? Sony series.
      Resistance? Sony series.
      Spyro? Sony series.

      Do you see Sony fans spouting the same level of vitriol over Sunset Overdrive? At least Xbox is still getting Destiny!

        Sunset Overdrive will be published by Microsoft. Sony had first option but chose not to so Insomniac went with the only publisher that would provide the money to create the game. I bet Insomniac will still produce some PS4 content that's as brilliant as their other stuff.

        Sony is not the publisher of Destiny. If they were, these Xbox One fans would not be claiming to be treated 'unfairly.'

        I don't own a PS4 or Xbox One but will probably get a PS4 first then get a Xbox One later. So I have problem with this game or publisher, I'm just pointing out that the situation is not analogous to Sunset Overdrive - it would only be analogous if Sony funded and published Destiny and these Xbox One fans still complained.

        And akuma07 most PS fans aren't being "little bitches" about Sunset Overdrive being only on Xbox One because they're not stupid enough to think Microsoft would fund and publish a game on a Sony system.

    To easily fix this article, can you just swap every time the instance 'Playstation' appears to 'xbox' and vice versa please? So we can remind the babies how it was BEFORE the current (new or whatever you want to call it lol) generation was released?

    Just thought I'd add my 2 bit coins minus the price of petrol

    Hey, DAMNIT!

    I was a Bungie fan from the get-go: Pathways Into Darkness, Marathon (1, Durandal & Infinity) - WHERE THE HELL IS THE MacOS LOVE? HUH!? HUH!?

    Ridiculous, is all i've got to say on the matter.


        Nostalgia rush!

        I can still hear those B.O.B. samples as clear as the times I heard them everyday. I really need to annoy the world (and myself after a probably very short time) by making that an SMS tone.

    Last gen as a PS3 only gamer I missed out on shit like this because it was all on Xbox.

    Now its finally come my way with PS4. Good. Make the Xbone owners feel like I did last gen.

      I was a xbox 360 player all last gen and felt bad missing out on all sorts of games. No Last if Us, Little Big Planet, or, Metal Gear Solid.

    Wow... Xbox fanboys calling Playstation fanboys childish. Reminds me of a certain pot calling a kettle black...
    How should Bungie's repay its loyal fans? By continuing to provide them with great games.

    Has anyone mentioned sunset overdrive? I feel that deserves a mention

    ITT: Butthurt Xbox owners with an inflated sense of entitlement and self-worth.

    Nothing to see here, move along... Move along.

    I can't muster up any emotion on this one, either way.
    A map? A mission? On a game which is supposed to evolve into a decade-long project? By the end of it you'll be sick of Destiny anyway. Yeah, I get that people are irritated and can even gain a glimmer of understanding as to why, but seriously... people die every every day mining the copper which goes into the console you use to play the game you're angry about, so shut up and be thankful you can play the game at all.
    For fuck's sake, it's just not that important.

      You forgot to hashtag this #firstworldproblems.

      And while we're on the subject, this comic pretty much sums up how I feel about the first world problem debate.

        What I get from that comic is that people who respond to petty and emotional reactions don't have the right to, because they're ignoring the fact that regardless of how insignificant the issue is, it's important to that person.
        Which I agree with, I guess. And yeah, invoking Africa's issues as a reason as to why people shouldn't complain about a game having more on console A as opposed to console B is somewhat of an overstatement.
        It does annoy me, though, that things like this are so damn important to people - so damn important, in fact, that they consider it an injustice as oppsed to a purely business decision made for the benefit of anonymous shareholders.
        I'd bet a months wage that Bungie put together this exclusivity package and presented it to both Microsoft and Sony equally, and Sony just happened to offer more money.

          I'm not saying the responses to this are reasoned and rational but at the same time people are going to bitch about whatever effects them. You can't force people to care about other issues and you're not inherently a better person because you do care about those issues. In short, don't try to police what people can and can't care about. You can always try and educate people but at the end of the day it's just not going to matter to me that the copper mining industry claimed a thousand lives last year to bring me the latest in gaming technology (hyperbole intended).

          The most succint summary I've heard said is: "saying you can't feel sad about something because other people have it worse is like saying you can't be happy because other people have it better".

          Last edited 09/07/14 2:49 pm

            That's true and, having read it, I like the quote as well.
            I like my bells and whistles and air conditioning too... and would be up in arms if Naughty Dog bought themselves back and threw exclusive DLC onto the Xb1 version of Uncharted 5.

      Actually, the bigger problem is coltan. It's mined in places such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and warring factions murder and rape each other over the selling of it. Coltan is also used in mobile phones.

    If you’re a gamer who wants to play a Bungie game, you’re very much on our mind — every day.
    So, PC release then?

      of course not PC users aren't the gamers they are looking for

    I wonder if the Insomniac boards are full of rage since after years of PlayStation exclusivity they went first multiplatform and are now making an XBone exclusive?

      No they aren't. PS fans don't even really care about it.

        True. I don't really care. I never played any of the Resistance games and just want some more Ratchet and Clank.

        I've read a few comments of that nature. There's always vocal minorities, no matter the argument

    Surely the Macintosh owners are still first in line to be miffed at Bungie abandoning them though?

    This whole thing isn't about Bungie fans feeling betrayed. I know that's what it LOOKS like, but it isn't.

    If you look a little deeper, you'll see the actual problem. Console Wars.

    The TRUE issue with this argument, is that the supposed Bungie fans who feel betrayed are actually hard core Xbox fanboys.

    The TRUE Bungie fans don't care what console they play, as long as they have the best Bungie experience.

    My decision lies with the beta (I own a X1) and if the game sucks so be it, I move my pre-order deposit to something else.

    I will admit I was a bit pissed that we didn't get the alpha or the same time with the beta but I would hope they have a legitimate reason and not just to piss off Microsoft.

    The game will be a PlayStation exclusive in Japan.

    So that will cost them... what, about 10 sales? :)

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