Dota 2 Finals Winner Takes Home $5 Million

Dota 2 Finals Winner Takes Home $US5 Million

After a weekend of duking it out at Seattle's KeyArena, today The International hosted the grand championship final with Newbee going up against ViCi — and millions of dollars were on the line.

In a best-out-of-five face-off, Newbee has emerged victorious — nearly every match resulted in a GG from ViCi Gaming before the ancient was actually destroyed. The win has netted Newbee a $US5 million dollar prize, while ViCi takes home a very respectable $US1,475,699.

Here's a breakdown of the individual matches:

Dota 2 Finals Winner Takes Home $US5 Million

And if you want to catch the win, you should watch this:



    I need to quit work and start playing this for a living.

      Wasn't it in Korea, that the number 1 player for starcraft gets US$250,000.00 a year? To play starcraft and sign autographs.

      Thankfully this is a rarity. It would kind of annoy me if the average aussie gamer could potentially be rewarded for gaming full time while leeching off their parents and the government welfare system

      Last edited 22/07/14 2:25 pm

        I'm pretty sure tournament winnings are taxable, just like sports tournament winnings for like tennis players etc.

      You'll be begging for your job back once you learn how how much time it takes to even understand how good these guys are at this game. This isn't Super Mario, Bro.

    Such an awesome set of games to Watch Newbee crushed it.

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