Driveclub Has Amazing Rain

Driveclub Has Amazing Rain

Remember how water effects always used to be a benchmark for how good a game looked? These two clips appeared on Driveclub's Facebook showing the dynamic weather system chucking it down in both Scotland and Canada.

It might have been delayed and have some ridiculous facts about flamingos but it's certainly making up for it in the looks department.

Here are the videos along with Evolution's descriptions:

"See how dynamic rain affects your visibility while drafting your rivals along the winding roads of Scotland."

"A sneak peek at how dynamic rain puts you at the edge of control as you race through the lush forests of Canada."

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    Dammit, this looks really good.I thought I was done with driving games.

      I think rain has been looking really really good on most next gen games. Even on watchdogs it looks very nice... I guess it's the lighting/reflection stuff that makes it look good

        Except for *ahem* Forza *ahem*

          oh really? does that suck?

            I'm sure he's not knocking Forza in a fanboyish way. Forza has different things going for it.. Drive Club has graphics, rain and some say it's physics are great but I can't say yet.

              Hehe the good old graphics debate. I've said it before but I'll say it again. Great looking games are fantastic, I like it alot. but on the scale of things that make me really enjoy a game, it's far down the list.

                I said Forza has different things going for it...

                TBH most of us haven't played DriveClub yet either, so at this point saying you prefer what Forza has to offer other than graphics over a game you have never played before is bias. All a lot of us know is how it looks, and boy does it look promising.

                That said, because I haven't played Drive Club, and I am not a massive racer fan, I can't say I'm that excited for either Forza or Drive Club. But if I were, I'd say I would be equally excited, regardless of graphics. The only thing is, because Drive Club is a new IP, it has more potential to be a surprise smash hit (Or miss) than a sequel has because we already know what Horizon does for the most part (Plus it's cros gen, but IDK. It could be a cross gen game that's done how cross gen should be; with 2 completely different versions and not just a tweaked one)

                Regardless, only time will tell, no point bashing the game for things we haven't seen yet eh?

                  For sure! Agree.

                  I was just saying that a game with good graphics is a great first step.... but it's only the first step and its nowhere near the most important step. Not judging it at all, might be the best car game ever

    so glad I didn't get a PS4... if I had to wait for a AAA racing title I would have shot myself, thank god for Forza 5/Horizon sorry guys looks pretty but the wait is beyond a joke :(

      Forza5 is not a AAA racing title, it is a AAA micro transaction title that has dodgy AI that doesn't change with the so called difficulty level. Most disappointing racing game I have played in a while.

        And didn't launch with enough tracks for a track racer IMHO.

      Well, NfS held me over so far (In terms of PS4 racing anyway, I'm more of a PC/ Nintendo guy ATM).

      I'm just glad Drive Club isn't cross gen...

      See, both sides can whip it out.

    Theres a Kotaku UK?

    EDIT: Wait... I forgot the BLIMEY!


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    Hard to tell for sure because I just watched it on my phone, but... Is there no rain / water spray in the rear view mirror? Or can I just not see it on my small screen?

      Wouldn't surprise me, reflections in mirrors normally look distractingly worse in most racers, but not game braking.

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