Driving A Real Car Could Soon Be Just Like Playing A Video Game

Driving A Real Car Could Soon Be Just Like Playing A Video Game

Heads-up displays in cars are nothing new, but Jaguar wants to blow right past simply displaying a crude speedometer on your windscreen. It wants to turn your car into a video game.

This clip shows off the company's virtual windscreen concept, and while they're bullshitting about this being footage of it "in action", it's still a useful mockup of what they're hoping to implement in the near future.

Everything you expect from a modern racing game is here. So speed, yes, but also stuff like racing lines and even the ability to record lap times and compete with friends.

Because, you know. We all own Jags, and know 2-3 other people with them, and we all hang out on the racetrack every Saturday.

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    Okay, this is ridiculously cool, but I would worry I would be in 'gamer mode' in my head and think I had a rewind available, or had crash damage disabled and it would end very badly...

      The problem is they're focusing on stupid racing utilisation instead of something actually practically useful. Heads Up Displays in road cars should be for speed, navigation, obstacle warnings, night vision, highlighting signs and speed limits not fucking lap times and race position.
      It really annoys me when people take some really awesome ideas and screw up the implementation to the point where it's a gimmick instead of a leap forward in technology.

    Pfft. Real gamers turn off the racing line!

    If they make real driving like in video games then you'll never want @aliasalpha behind you.

      Oh I'm not that bad in real driving, I just have a bit of trouble with depth perception on the TV.

      Now the telling the difference between left & right issue, that's where the trouble is

    I can't imagine the tagging function for other drivers would be useful when you're in a traffic jam and there's just names popping up everywhere

      This is for racing at the track, not for general driving.

    Need this for my motorbike helmet, tachometer, speed, gear, gps with distance from corners/cars/road hazards would be perfect and I would pay lots of monies for this when I'm due for another helm in a few years.

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