EA Announces Subscription Plan On Xbox One

EA Announces Subscription Plan On Xbox One

Today EA announced a new subscription service for the Xbox One that will give customers unlimited access to a handful of the company’s games for $US4.99 a month.

It’s called “EA Access”, and sounds like a sort of Netflix-style program for the company’s games. For a $US4.99 monthly fee, subscribers will get access to a library of EA games the company is calling “The Vault”. The announcement didn’t go into much detail about what games will be included in this collection. To start, EA said that it will offer four main games, all of which were released in 2013 or early 2014: FIFA 14, Peggle 2, Madden NFL 25 and Battlefield 4.

Additionally, subscribers will receive a ten per cent discount when purchasing any and all EA “digital content” on the Xbox One. That includes full games like Dragon Age: Inquisition and premium services like Battlefield 4 Premium.

Oh, and one more thing: EA Access subscribers will get early access to upcoming titles “up to five days before the release date.”

The service will cost $US4.99 on a month-to-month basis or $US29.99 for a full year’s subscription.

EA said that a beta version of the service is already being introduced to a small number of Xbox One owners today. The company didn’t specify a date for a full release.


  • Thats AU$6.65 per month or AU$39.95 for a full year. (Pricing may not be final, was confirmed by EA on twitter)

    Not bad, just wished it had come before the BF4 launch, would have saved alot of people money.

    • That’s assuming they won’t fuck over Australian users with the price for no reason.

      • Bad assumption. Minimum $9.95, but wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the $10-15 bracket as well.

        Other than that, the concept is pretty good (in principle) if you like your EA titles.

  • Quite the move. Although if you are interested in new titles you would have to buy just about every title EA releases in a year to ‘save’ money. That assuming you can live with all digital, xbone and can get this stuff cheaper than retail which is an outright impossibility if you live in Australia :p

  • Cool idea but when you try and sign up for more info you cannot select Australia from the drop down menu for country…has me worried.

    • Don’t be, its coming. – http://www.ea.com/eaaccess/faq.html

      From the article:

      “At launch, EA Access will be available in Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States with additional territories to follow.”

    • I have already got a beta access code for Australia. I think if you were an update tester you got it.

  • What happens when your into battlefield and then it goes out of rotation, you have to buy it

  • This seems a bit odd as surely you could sign up, play a game and complete it in a month and then cancel your subscription? And it would only cost you $5 instead of $109 like most EA games.

    • Yeah but 40 bucks for a year, to do that with a ton of games, seems like a better option + the discounts on their actual games etc.

  • Oh, and one more thing: EA Access subscribers will get early access to upcoming titles “up to five days before the release date.”

    Call me an EA Cynic but I read that as “Paid Beta Testing”.

      • This – If you think any development studio in the world could beta test and fix a game before launch, 5 days prior to launch then you really need to put down those cynic glasses and think for a second. AT MOST all EA would get out of it is a small bump to test out their servers prior to launch – again not much they could do with that info in just 5 days.

      • Well some games feel like they’re in beta testing for a month or 2 after launch…

  • I’ll wait and see how this works with digital region swapping on the Xbox one before getting too keen. I already save more than 10% per game, more like 30% just by purchasing from the states.

  • Will the license be for everyone on that Xbox or just available to the gamertag that downloads it?

  • Call me crazy, but shouldn’t it be under the “Origin” label? You know, consolidation of brands and all that? Or do they just wanna dodge that bullet? lol

  • EA are always so innovative when it comes to how the consumers spend their money. If only they could stick some innovation in their games that aren’t just graphic enhancements.

  • In theory it sounds great. Every now and then I want to play a bit of Madden but don’t want to fork out $100 for it, same goes for BF4 I bought titanfall but would like to try BF4.

    But I know if it sounds too good to be true it will be… So I expect that this will actually become a subscription service to play demos or stripped back versions of games and you need to fork out the online pass, or some other unlock fee to actually get full access to all the games.

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