EA Sports UFC Predicts UFC 175 (And I Totally Agree With The Outcome)

EA Sports UFC has had a hard time since its release. Mediocre reviews, unintentionally hilarious GIFs... I'm still enjoying the game on some levels, but in the lead up to UFC 175, the biggest UFC event of the year so far, what I really want to see from the game are some simulated predictions. Come on EA Sports UFC, tell me who is going to win this weekend!

Using the game itself, EA has attempted to predict who will win in the two big title fights this weekend — Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida and Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis.

As a fight fan, the outcome of the Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis fight seems pretty elementary. EA Sports UFC has Ronda winning via armbar submission. That's how she's won every single one of her fights except one so that seems like a pretty fair guess. Factor in the fact that Alexis is a 20 to 1 underdog (the highest odds against any fighter in a UFC fight ever) and you don't have to be a genius to suggest that Ronda Rousey might win that scrap.

The Chris Weidman vs Lyoto Machida fight is a little tougher to call. EA Sports UFC has Weidman winning by TKO in the second round, which is reasonable considering he just beat Anderson Silva — the consensus greatest fighter of all time — twice in back to back fights. There is an argument to be made, however, that Weidman was simply a bad match up for Silva. There is also an argument to be made that Machida is a bad match up for Weidman — his elusive striking has been tricky for other fighters with a wrestling base (like Weidman) and Machida has looked incredible ever since moving down to Middleweight from Light Heavyweight (where he was an ex-champion). I still think Weidman will win, but I have a feeling the fight will go the distance.

Either way, I'm really looking forward to the fights this weekend and, all glitch jokes aside, EA Sports UFC did a pretty decent job with this little prediction video.


    Rousey by armbar, but you’re right the other fight is real close.

    Both men could take a decision, Weidman will have the advantage on the mat but Machida should have the advantage on the feet.

    I’m picking Machida though, I think his elusive style of stuffing takedowns is going to make things harder for Weidman than Silva did. Silva likes to stand in range and use a long sprawl and fast reflexes to stuff the takedown, Machida just likes to be somewhere else when the shot is taken. I’m not sold that solving the Silva puzzle necessarily means you’ll be able to get Lyoto down.

    It also wouldn’t surprise me at all if Lyoto manages to put Chris on his back once or twice with trips. His sumo/judo style is very different to the kind of submission wrestling that Weidman excels at and Lyoto is sneaky and experienced with them. If he does get him down I can’t see Weidman subbing him off his back unless it’s with a leg-lock.

    Going to be a great fight though!

      I'm hoping for Machida. I like Weidman a lot, but I'm a big fan of Machida. I miss his days of glory when he was an untouchable, unsolvable mystery using Karate of all styles to storm through the LH ranks.

    Besides Weidman vs Machida there are a lot of quite one sided fights on the card. At least on paper.

    Saying that.

    WAR STRUVE!!!!

      One day Struve will remember that he's a fucking giant and will fight like it.

      Until then, though.

        Haha That Mark Hunt knockout ... my word. Struve reckons he will have at least 70% more cardio now that he has his leaking heart valve fixed - which if true is scary.

        Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson in Japan is going to be outstanding. I don't think it will be as good as the bigfoot fight because ... well .. it can't be... but it is going to be outstanding either way.

    Whats the best way to watch UFC175 without Foxtel?

      Depends on your preferences. It's about $50 or so to buy a stream, which falls squarely into my "Bloody Ridiculous" category of pricing, but isn't too bad if you can find a few mates to chip in.

      Generally your best bet is to find a bar/club/casino near you that is showing it. It's the cheapest way to see it (legitimately), and this kind of event is definitely better with other fans around.

        Yeah might have to hit a pub... it's a bout 2pm on Sunday for us right?

          Not sure where you are, but the main card should start at about 12pm AEST. The prelims are pretty good, though. The last one between Faber and Caceres should be fun, so maybe aim for a little earlier if you're interested in that.

    Just to clarify. . .
    Weidman didnt "beat" Silva.
    The first time Silva was showboating and deserved to get KO'd. The second time Silva snapped his leg.
    Weidman, as far as I believe, was in the right place at the right time. Im picking Machida for the win.

      This is a point worth making. The first fight was so bad you would likely think he took a dive with the "risk" he took showboating even more than ever.

      The 2nd fight was just brutal, the slow mo of that shin breaking was disturbing.

      Weidman was beating Silva handily in both fights. Don't act like he wasn't. Dude deserves to be the champion. Hopefully he can beat Machida and silence any doubters.

        yeah totally. I reckon if silva had an ounce of humility in him he'd never get beat (terrifying leg breaks aside...)

        So was Chael Sonnen for 4.5 rounds at UFC 117... and we all know how that ended.

    . misplaced comment - mb

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