11 Years Later, Modders Are Still Making The Original Halo Better

11 Years Later, Modders Are Still Making The Original Halo Better

Halo: Combat Evolved released in fall 2003 for PC. Bungie has moved on — but the community keeps the game alive through mods. Take SPV3, for example.

SPV3 is an ongoing mod that not only enhances the graphics of the original Halo, it also adds new weapons, new enemies, new vehicles, revised and extended levels/environments, and even armour upgrades from the newer games. Amazing. You can see all of of this in action in the trailer above.

The release date varies…

11 Years Later, Modders Are Still Making The Original Halo Better

…but everything will be out by the end of 2014. You can keep up with the mod’s development here.


  • Yeah! An extention of Halo: Reach, the best Halo game ever!!!

    Modded by guys who know why Halo was such a great game. More then I can say for 343i…

      • Reach is the best Halo game, even the modders seem to agree. The HUD is directly lifted up from Reach, which is good as it’s the easier HUD to read.

        • For me it went in sequence, 1>2>3, but played a million hours of H3 multi. Thought the rest were terrible, but to each his own.

          • For me, Halo 2 was a departure from Halo, Halo 3 was a sequel to Halo 2, ODST would be what Halo 3 would be if it was a sequel to Halo 1, and Halo: Reach is the first sequel to Halo 1.

            Can’t fit Halo Wars in there even though I want to, and I don’t want to talk about the rest…

        • Actually I really liked Reach – I think the world was 10x more immersive than the previous. I actually like what 343 are doing in making the enemy more realistic looking etc – but I will always love how the grunts were comedic in the other versions.

          • Reach managed to get a realisitc look while also maintaining a unique style. Now, while the artist for Halo 4 isn’t bad himself, his artwork was too alien and out of place for the world.

          • That’s also because they are trying to create an identity for themselves as devs for a much beloved franchise – while trying to maintain the feel of Halo, and not step on too many toes. I really don’t mind it at all, and 5 will be very interesting to see with better hardware. They would sell so many more games, if they just made Halo a timed exclusive and then release in on PC.

          • I get that, but it still requires effort and they didn’t put as much effort into it. Especially with the Prometheans. Who all look like a boring, jumbled up mess.

          • Reach is the best one. I can only hope they make Halo 5 more like Halo again and less like Call of Battlefield.

  • Don’t forget the modifications to the engine and anti-cheat software, nor the tools, that people have developed for the game. There have been plenty of good original SP maps too, like Lumoria (okay, shoddy voice acting and animation at times, but brilliant level design).

  • Nice trailer. But for some reason it says “Flawless Cow” at 2:09. You have to to fullscreen to see it.

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