Ezio Is An Incredibly Thoughtful Dude

He kills hundreds of people in his Assassin’s Creed games. Depending on your playstyle, that tally might actually be in the thousands. But even with a knife in your neck, know that Ezio wishes you nothing but the very best in the afterlife.


  • Not really that thoughtful. He killed hundreds to thousands of people and only a handful of them got a “Requiescat In Pace”. The rest either got left to rot on a roof or the ground, dumped unceremoniously into a haystack, or stuffed in a corner or dumped into a river.

  • there’s a time in assassin’s creed II where he kills I think a member of the Pazzi family and he goes f*cking ape shit on the guy, beating the shit out of him as he dies, and then Uncle Mario comes up and is like “hey don’t be an asshole” and then after that he’s all respectful. #characterdevelopment

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