Fallout 3 Beaten In Under 24 Minutes, A New World Record

Watch as speedrunner BubblesDelFuego jets across the capital wasteland, all in the name of speed. Bubbles manages to beat the game in an astounding 23:55, beating the previous record of 24:20.

The previous record for an "any percentage" run was also held by BubblesDelFuego, by the way. He beat his personal best, though you can look at the Fallout 3 leaderboard in this Google Doc here.

Bubbles makes use of many well-known Fallout 3 speedrunning strategies here, such as 'load clipping' (which allows you to move through objects as the game is loading), and 'dialogue skips' (quick-saving and quick-loading allows you to skip dialogue). These are glitches that are available to anyone who plays the game.

I'm amazed not just at the number of ways one can simply walk through geometry, but how many highly dangerous situations a player can simply...run through. Bubbles finds himself sailing through locations bursting with either super mutants or people equipped with power-armour, but nobody manages to stop him. Of course, knowing that he could simply run past everything didn't help, as I still found myself watching with panic.

And might I add that, watching Fallout 3 again, I'm struck by how insincere your mother sounds when your dad says you're a handsome baby? Way to make the player feel like an ugly baby, mum.


    "Our son. Our beauuutiful son. Soooo beautiful and handsome, yup. Have you taken him out of the room yet? Here, I'll fake a medical emergency so that we can gossip about our fuck-ugly baby"

    How dare you talk about Liam Neeson that way.
    But yeah, everyone in the game is really ugly.

    I would have thought a speed run would involve not cheating by way of these sorts of glitches

    Yeah, I'm with you on this, Hungry. That's what bugged me about that post about the Morrowind Speed run posted a few months ago. If you're going to sploit the shit out of it, why not use console commands too? Or trainers? What's the difference? Where do you draw the line?

    Last edited 01/07/14 4:07 pm

      The line is a magical invisible line drawn in the heads of the people who think exploit runs are worth anything. I am not one of those people.

    Surprised the game didn't crash in 5 mins

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