Fan Video Justifies All The Hype For The Big Dota Tournament

Fan Video Justifies All The Hype For The Big Dota Tournament

Compared to Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 doesn't have that many Source Filmmaker shorts. Too bad, because Dota Cinema's and Lozeng3r's SFM serves as proof that these things really have potential. They have made the clip to hype us all for the finals of The International and, well, it's safe to say that it works.

The title 'A Game of Chess' might suggest that it's a Game of Thrones mashup, but it is not. It's much better.

Dota 2 - A Game of Chess [YouTube]


    Cool video, never thought I'd be one to get into watching eSports but even the preliminary matches have been pretty good watching.

      Welcome to Dota, enjoy your stay.

        Love the Stanley Parable announcer, pity I'm not willing to spend $10 on it

          It's up on the community market for about $3-4, you just have to buy the announcer and mega-kill announcer as separate pieces.

            wow I completely forgot to check that, so it is. Awesome.

    Hmm, I wonder... There were some (unofficial/fun based) discussions on the previous PaxAus, considering a collaborate championship of Dota2, LoL and other MOBA games within the same platform, forming a final league with some short of combination of each individual mechanics .
    Nhaa, that will never happen. :)

      While the skills for those games are similar, there are huge difference between those games that means that players will dominate their native titles and suck at everything else. Developing a separate game for this sort of thing is just adding yet another MOBA to the mix.

      There's a reason nobody watched International Rules :p

        That's true. But I want to believe that discussing things like this in forums/public events might influence the progress of future e-sporty games. Maybe companies could make generic policies for specific genres?

        And -oh God, why did you mention International Rules? xD

          Fighting games can't even agree on "deplete their health bar to win the round", who hope have MOBAs got?

            aah, you let me down :( Feeling that my short dream has crushed down by logic and good arguments.

            Ah well, I can still hope and continue believing (deep inside me) that we might see greater days for our favourite e-sporty community :)

          You can go from dota to LoL and dominate, but not the reverse.

            Not a chance.

          With the winners of International '14 taking home almost 5mil I don't think there is too much to worry about with eSports for now

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