Final Fantasy XIV Players Put On Virtual Gay Pride Parade

Well, this is fabulous. Now that gay relationships are officially sanctioned in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, players have gathered together to put on their own pride parade inside the virtual world of Eorzea.

The parade took place last weekend, and was organised by the Rough Trade Gaming Community (RTGC), a network that spans multiple games and describes itself as "the world's biggest LGBT guild." Players dressed their characters up in colourful to prance across Eorzea before gathering together in an ad hoc rainbow formation that you can see towards the end of the video.

Final Fantasy developer and publisher Square Enix first revealed that it was going to allow A Realm Reborn players to have gay relationships last month during E3. Rough Trade said that the FFXIV festivities, adorably dubbed the "Pixel Parade," were put on to celebrate that move for virtual equality. Tragically, RTGC also noted that the parade mourned the loss of a guild member who was murdered before he ever had a chance to celebrate with his fellow Eorzeans.

I love celebratory moments like this because, as far as I can tell, this is what any good massive multiplayer online game is all about: fostering a genuine sense of community. Also, some of the outfits on display during the Pixel Parade were almost good enough to rival those seen at the real-world pride parades that took place across the United States last month. Almost.

Take note, other MMOs: let's see some real competition for next year's Pride Month.

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    Why? I thought the problem gay people had with gay rights was not only the lack of options, but also when people draw a lot of attention to it.

      I don't think people put on a Gay Pride Parade with the sole purpose of drawing attention to it...

        Isn't that the point of Pride Parades? To draw attention to it?

          I might be wrong but I was always under the impression a Gay Pride Parade was how gay people celebrated a part of themselves which for the longest time (and still is in most of the world) persecuted and stifled by the rest of society. A means to celebrate how far they've come in terms of equal rights and at the same time to remind themselves (and I'd like to think the rest of us) that a person should be proud for being different and not have to hide/change parts of themselves because society can't or won't try to understand the difference.

          But hey. Once again I could be wrong!

            But it also comes off as really stereotypical.

              I'm not sure what you're referring to as steretypical but I'll assume it's that a gay gaming community dressed up in colorful outfits and pranced around Eorzea?

              If so you could make the same comment of Chinese people celebrating Chinese New Year with dragons and fireworks and lanterns... That's also an event that happens every year that's celebrated by a community?

                Yeah, Chinese are racist to themselves and should stop being racists to the Chinese.

                ( although their reason is that it's part of their culture while homosexuality is an attraction :P )

                  If homosexuality was widely accepted by society at its inception I imagine it would've stayed just that; an attraction. However given the history and stigma behind homosexuality that comes through even to this day you can't deny that a community has formed around it. And what is a culture if not traditions and symbols valued by a community that also serve to represent that community?

                  Everything is relative especially when looking at societies and communities. I don't think its fair to define culture as something specific to the country you were born in or the food that's native to your country. Sometimes communities and cultures form outside these existing conceptions. Personally I like to think as an avid gamer I'm a part of a larger community that has its own cultural symbols and traditions! I don't see why gay people can't have the same.

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          Treat us like normal people! Accept us! We are no different! As we dance in our underpants over here on the street!

        What are the shiny sequence and rainbow colours for?

          I assume you meant sequins? As a shiny sequence would be an ordered list of items that just happens to be shiny =P

          Jokes aside every time you see a rainbow do you think nature is trying to draw attention to itself? What about a sequin on books or dresses or even on women's shoes? Does that mean the book or person wearing those items is trying to draw attention to themselves?

            I've never seen a book with sequins before..

            but now I want one

              It might've possibly been a home-made cover =P but hey! I was trying to make a point! SHUSH :P

      It's not. Be less of a dick about things you don't understand.

        I'm not being a dick. I think homosexuality is totally normal.

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          YOU MONSTER!

            Frankly I don't see the point in relationships in an MMORPG.

            Unless, being close to them increased your stats by the amount of timing you've been "dating" (but then people would do it for the bonus and defeat the entire purpose).

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              I don't see the point either.

              But hey, to each their own.

              My mate met his wife in an MMORPG. His wife was in the US, himself an Aussie, its a great way to spend time together when you are separated by distance.

                Yeah, that's fine. But why does there need to be a marriage option in-game?

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    All Aircraft Report.

    Is a virtual gay pride parade for people who are virtually gay, or virtually proud?

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