Fortunately, Cheat Codes Were Never This Complicated

Thank God Cheat Codes Were Never This Complicated

Look, if you want the Boner Code to work in Monster Peninsula, you're going to have to sweat. And bleed.

Set in the pre-YouTube days of the SNES, this skit from the Above Average guys nails the pressure associated with hitting the right inputs in the right order at the right exact time. You didn't have videos showing you what you'd unlock back then. You just had to go on faith that something amazing would happen. And honestly, the most unrealistic thing about this comedy video is that they nailed it on the first try. Freaks.


    oh this brings back the memories, playing 1v1 with mates and when we have encounters its a matter of who can put the cheat in for unlimited ammo first lol now a days its just codes you put in at the menu screen which is *splehhh*

      or you buy the infinite ammo dlc for only $4.99

      Or there are just no cheats for the game at all, because seriously who would find it fun to have all weapons and infinite ammo at the beginning of the game, so they can play through the entire game with just the sniper rifle or the pistol.

        Saints Row 3 did it sorta right. You could buy the DLC to get unlimited ammo right away (99c I think?), or you could finish the game and keep playing until you'd levelled up enough to unlock the unlimited ammo / instant reload cheats. When you level up all the way, you're actually invincible to everything, including explosions and falls (it's fun to ride an exploded motorcycle off the top of a building!) so the game makes you work hard, or if you don't like work, part with your hard earned dollars.

    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

      Yeah same here. My Firefox extensions to avoid this don't seem to work anymore. :(

        Hola for Chrome works, but it loads like a snail

    what the fuck has this khunt got against australia , not available in your country are you fucking kidding me , i was so looking forward to watching this clip , what a fucking khunt maggot , he is probably russian or something

    Last edited 25/07/14 9:03 pm

    Why even tease us with the prospect of this clip kotaku , are you guys really that inept . do your research before posting please as this really fucked me off

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