Futurama In 3D Is Breathtaking

Futurama In 3D Is Breathtaking

Look, I don't want a 3D Futurama movie and neither do you. But I'll be damned if this test shot doesn't give me the shivers.

In the clip above, artist Alexy Zakharov rendered the iconic skyline from the intro of Futurama in glorious, heartbreaking 3D using 3Dsmax, Nuke, Photoshop and After Effects. He also made a video of his Planet Express delivery ship model, as well as some killer art. Fantastic stuff:

Futurama In 3D Is Breathtaking
Futurama In 3D Is Breathtaking
Futurama In 3D Is Breathtaking

Check out Alexey's Behance page for more.

Vimeo via r/videos


    I miss Futurama...

      They had a great run...but to be honest the revival movies and eps were pretty hit & miss. The original four seasons were amazing though, no doubt about that.

        I got the feeling later on that it become more about showing their old networks 'whos was bigger' in terms of what they can get away with on TV than making a funny/ good show. A real pity.

        Agreed. Though I must admit, even the miss eps of the later seasons were still entertaining...

          Are you all kidding me?

          The new seasons episodes might not have been as funny or comical but some of the story's were outright amazing i.e Cavan on the Green

            I completely agree with you, in terms of story, the last couple of seasons really nailed it. In fact, that time travel episode has to be one of my favourites.

            Last edited 16/07/14 6:06 pm

        I actually enjoyed all of the new episodes.
        I treat it like Firefly: a marvellous gem with a short life span, which you both want more of and don't mind revisiting in light of it being the end.

        They were definitely hit and miss. The best line was from "The Duh-Vinci Code" when Fry says "All I need is the nail and another nail to nail it in with". I LOL'd hard.

    I disagree with the author.. I DO want a 3D Futurama movie :)

    Futurama was *already* in 3D though...... it was cell shaded for the 'cartoon' effect, but it was all done in the same 3D modelling systems as any other rendered show [as is pretty much most other mass-produced animation these days]

      Yep, as demonstrated by the numerous spinning/panning shots of things like the ship or the Planet Express HQ which showed the 3D-ness of the models used.

    Too much detail. Seeing all that detail in a highly stylised ship doesn't work.

    The 3D work is pretty good though.

    This design would make a great space exploration game with open world planets.

    Say what you will about the later episodes, they stayed true to the heart of the show, and the series final was at the very least on a par with the original 'Holophoner' finale. It more or less stayed consistent for its entire run, which is a lot more than can be said for, say, The Simpsons.

    This would look great until you see any of the characters

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