Game Of Thrones: Before And After CGI...

The manner in which CGI is now used in television and cinema completely fascinates me. Before it was a monster maker, not it genuinely enhances every facet of almost every high budget show/movie we watch. That's why I'm so obsessed with watching before and after videos like these: to get a sense of what is CGI and what isn't. It's terrifying.

Take Game of Thrones for example. Obviously Dragons are CGI. Obviously fantastical elements like White Walkers, Giants, etc are CGI. But castles in the background? Colour enhancements? Different types of sky? The amount that's being added post production is truly terrifying, and it makes me wonder if my spoiled eyeballs could even accept regular old colours and regular old skies in a few years time. In the future everything will be perfect, there will be no rough edges or flaws. The television world will look like a living, breathing GQ cover model with the blemishes wiped out.

Or the blemishes could be edited in.

In fact that's what fascinating about this process and why — in spite of my whinging — it's probably a good thing. It simply gives creators far more control over what they produce and show to their audiences. It's amazing when you think about it.


    It really depends on the type of show, I think. For GoT it works as its a fantasy universe, it's not really meant to reflect reality. A gritty cop drama set on the actual streets of an actual IRL city? I don't think it would be as effective.

    Amazing work, it's so easy to forget that it's not real when you're watching!

    Just wish they hadn't let the work experience kid do the Moon Door shot, that looked atrocious.

    I wasn't aware that cgi water was this advanced. Anyway, with this level of cgi for TV, we're ready for a Dresden Files TV show.

      except the dresden files tv show that came was rubbish :( maybe in a few more years once the bad taste has disappeared from everyone's mouths.

    It's amazing how reliant these shows are on great cgi yet cgi companies are continually screwed over and not payed. This industry has to change.

    This is why we have to wait for so long between seasons.

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    Did anyone actually think the "castles in the background" were real?

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