GCAP Brings Siobhan Reddy, Rami Ismail And Barry Meade To Australia

GCAP Brings Siobhan Reddy, Rami Ismail And Barry Meade To Australia

Each year Games Connect Asia Pacific brings Australian developers together with the goal of educating, sharing and schmoozing. Organiser Tony Reed — the CEO of the Game Developer’s Association of Australia — and his team have always done a great job of attracting high profile speakers. This year is no exception.

This year Siobhan Reddy, the Australian Studio Director at Media Molecule will keynote alongside Rami Ismail, the head of Business & Development at Vlambeer — the studio responsible for games like Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing and Luftrausers. Industry veteran Barry Meade, who has worked on games like Syndicate Wars and Dungeon Keeper, will also feature.

“For every GCAP event we strive to find speakers that are knowledgeable, but more importantly, inspirational,” explained Tony Reed. “In our keynote and session speakers we seek to identify people that we know will stimulate conversation, are keen to share their experiences and have a genuine care for the Australian industry.

“Our keynote speakers are tasked with setting the tone for every conference. This is a big ask of anyone. Every year we seek speakers that complement activity in the Australian industry, so for GCAP 2014 we went looking for industry leaders that have taken creative risks and seen success for their effort. Now you get to hear their stories.”

Registration for GCAP 2014 is now open and members of the GDAA are eligible for a 20% discount. Submissions for talks at GCAP are still open and will close July 25.

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