Gigantic, A Gorgeous New Game From The Lead Designer Of StarCraft

Gigantic, A Gorgeous New Game From The Lead Designer Of StarCraft

Announced today by independent developer Motiga, Gigantic is a "genre-bending online game" with an incredibly pretty debut trailer and a concept that could be called "offence of the ancients".

Rather than having teams of players attempting to keep the other team from taking out their base, the base becomes part of the players' five-man team. The Guardian is a five-story creature that joins the team in battle, the goal of which is to take out the opposing Guardian.

An excellent concept, put together by a studio headed by StarCraft and Guild Wars lead designer James Phinney, who seems like exactly the guy to put this type of game together.

And damn, if this trailer isn't gorgeous.

The free-to-play Gigantic will launch on PC in 2015. Interested parties can sign up for the alpha test at the game's official website.


    Not seeing the Starcraft, but definitely seeing the Guild Wars.

    That big chicken looking griffin bull thing is adorable!! :3

    Why would you put a Gif directly above the trailer that the gif is from? Which is the reason to click on the article?

      To entice! You'd be missing out if you thought the gif was enough.

    So it's like RTS chess? at the end looked kind of like Rakion's Golem mode...

    "...the base becomes part of the players’ five-man team."
    From that quote I thought it was going to be some sort of team-based Shadow of the Colossus. Now that would be an interesting game.

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