GTA Online Glitch Lets You Walk On Water

GTA Online Glitch Lets You Walk On Water

Bugs in the online component of Grand Theft Auto V have let players walk underwater before. Now, a new glitch lets them amble over Los Santos’ bodies of water.

As documented by YouTuber Big Spaz, the glitch looks simple enough to replicate. It doesn’t let you heal the lame or resurrect the dead but you’ll still probably get a fair amount of stares if you go strutting by on Los Santos River.


  • Is it really walking on water? The glitch mentions running up the boat ramp until your feet are level with the water then turning around. Run lower and your feet will be in the water, higher and your feet will be above the water.

    Sooooo… it’s walking on air with a conscious choice to sea level. Or something.

    • Indeed – it looks like if you were to do this glitch then make your way to a high spot you can walk around in the sky? I dont have GTA V so I cant confirm this but I’m curious if the bug fixes itself or not before you get to that stage.

  • In other news, people are apparently still playing GTAO. I suspect those same South Americans are playing Rooftop Rumble on repeat because they need to grind.

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