Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

Last night, the Facebook page for EA's Origin — a video game distribution service — asked a girl named Emily if she'd go out with a boy named Nathan.

It was all very cute. See, Nathan asked Origin's social media experts for some help, and last night they posted this:

Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

This was a little confusing for some of EA's fans:

Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

Soon enough, the real Nathan stepped up.

Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

And then Emily came in.

Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page
Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

Uh oh. That smiley-face doesn't seem like a good sign. Seems like an "oh, um, uhh..."


Guy Asks Out Girl Through... EA's Facebook Page

Don't you just love happy endings? Ain't nothing better than finding love on a video game distribution network's Facebook page.


    Nek minnut, she drops out of school before it starts.

    Unfortunately, to access the date she'll need to purchase the Relationship DLC for only $7.99, although if she thinks there's a future there, she has the option of the Season Pass for $24.99.

      Of course, it goes without saying that Origin will always need to be running as chaperone whenever they want to go on a date.

        and Origin will insist that their buddy PunkBuster comes too, but PB is broke, and Origin left their wallet at home, so do you mind paying for both of us?

        Last edited 13/07/14 1:50 am

    EA are branching out into a dating service ey? For $15 you can even get the DLC that let's you simulate your date in Sims.

    For a proposal or something maybe, but why go to this much effort just to ask someone out?

      Do people still get married these days? I know a few people that have been together for 10yrs+ and they think its "an outdated concept" or "religious bullshit to take my money".

        Very much this, don't see how having a peace of paper says you love someone more then someone without it and the 10-50 grand can b definitely be used more wisely.

          There are a lot of benefits beyond a piece of paper that either don't apply to or are harder to obtain in de facto relationships, including a better medicare levy threshold, combined income assessment, tax-free spousal super contributions, cheaper health insurance, easier travel, access during medical emergencies, death benefits are paid directly instead of through an estate (which can be taxed or challenged), and others. Marriage rights are mostly standard across Australia, but de facto rights vary from state to state.

          @stoob I don't know how to take your question seriously, but yes, of course people still get married. Marriage rates per thousand population peaked in the 1940s but have held steady at their current levels for the past 15 years at around 5.5 per 1000 per year.

    Apparently Emily digs guys with bad spelling and grammar

      no dear its your heart .you are gooood as compared to the others

    This public relationship stuff needs to stop. Like, right now.

    These huge, public displays just put pressure on someone to do the publicly appealing thing and not make an honest decision based on very private circumstances.

    Anyone who proposes marriage on TV or anything even remotely like it should spend some time alone to think about how uncool that is.

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