Hatsune Miku’s 3DS Game Is Finally Making Its Way To The West

Hatsune Miku’s 3DS Game Is Finally Making Its Way To The West

The popularity of Japanese virtual idol Hatsune Miku continues to rise in the West, giving Sega the encouragement it needed to bring Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai Remix to North America and Europe in 2015.

With Project Diva F released for the PlayStation 3 and Vita and its sequel coming later this year, this next Western release for Sega’s Hatsune Miku franchise marks her first appearance on a Nintendo system outside of Japan. Project Mirai Remix (working title) is an enhanced version of Japan’s Hatsune Miku:Project MIRAI 2, mixing the rhythm gameplay of the Diva series with ridiculously cute tiny versions of the idol and her virtual friends. Fans have been clamoring for a Western release, and their clamouring has been heard.

Here’s a trailer for the Japanese version, to give you an idea of what to expect. I’m going to go be deliriously happy for a bit.


  • Does she have to? She represents everything wrong with the music industry.

    • Is it so wrong that fans can interact with her and actually make songs for her?

    • So you are telling me you prefer Bieber and Rebecca Black rather than Miku? You can’t be serious…

      • They actually come before Miku with what’s wrong with the music industry. Miku is the next step.

        Also, that’s a strawman argument.

      • I think I do actually prefer Bieber and Rebecca black to this, yeah, I went there.

        The only cartoon band for me is Gorillaz.

        • I have to agree with this statement.
          I can’t stand Miku or her music, or the culture around her for that matter.
          I miss music that resembles the sound of instruments, not computers having seizures (if they were physically able to…)

    • Would you mind sharing your reasons for stating that she is everything wrong the music industry?

      Even if the singers are virtual, there still has to be someone who writes and creates the music/lyrics. It still takes effort, and allows those with an interest in music, to create music with vocals, in which they might not have had a decent chance to create anything otherwise.

      I don’t see any direct or real problems with virtual idols, in fact, I see more issues with real idol groups, such as Akb48, and their “ticket” system. Also you mention everything wrong with the music industry, but I believe their biggest issue is currently copyright, and how the industry is attempting to deal with it,.

    • How do you figure that? Because her vocals are used for peppy pop music?

      I completely disagree. In fact, I’d she’s the opposite – Vocaloid software has opened the way for a massive outpouring of creativity and content production by hobbyists and amateur musicians in Japan. Whole suites of other free software have popped up like MikuMikuDance, and that stuff is now being used in professional contexts as well. Additionally there’s a number of artists who were able to become professional musicians (eg livetune, supercell) because they were able to put their work out there with vocals they would not otherwise have been able to have, and the quality of their work was noticed.

      • You could say the same thing with youtube, but most of the time, I wouldn’t consider it some kind of cultural achivement…

        Also the “professional musicians” you listed, are like some of the worst examples of real Japanese musicians, the most sythetic of the jpop world. Would be like me being happy and trying to call justin biebers music a cultural achivement of some kind. All they do is make music worse.

        • So let me guess, you hold ‘indie music’ up as some kind of saving grace of the music industry?

    • She’s not your thing cool beans and all that! =P

      But I don’t see anything different from Vocaloid to any “pop” star or any genre of music for that matter. If anything IMHO think Miku is a more positive step because the focus is really more on the producers/writers than “Miku” herself. There are a lot of fan bases out there focused on stuff produced by specific artists like KZLiveTune, HachiOuji-san and RyoSupercell. Which I see as a good *thing* as never has there been such a focus on the Songwriter/Producer as much as in the Vocaloid fanbase.

      But hey one person’s aria is another person’s noise so your more than welcome not to like them xD

  • Fahey has a very acquired taste in games…
    Also, why the fuck are they localising this and not Yakuza 5?

    • Cost. They basically just need to do a menu translation and translate the song lyrics.

  • I will buy a 3DS for this. I was considering picking up a JP 3DS from Playasia but thankfully decided to wait. Now if only they would release 1/6 Out of the Gravity as DLC for PDf2nd when it comes west…


    Been waiting for Mirai 2 since i heard Mitchie M’s theme 😀 Now I’m just hoping for a physical release >.

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