Haunt Other Players And Possess Stuff In Don’t Starve’s Multiplayer Add-On

A few months ago we heard a plan was afoot to add multiplayer trimmings to Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve, though exact details were hard to find. Now we have a video showing off the prototype and it looks like the free expansion (for current owners at least) will have a couple of quirky features.

Along with the typical “let’s-share-resources-and-chop-up-things-and-generally-survive-together” style of gameplay that title naturally lends itself to, the add-on looks like it’ll add a “haunting” mechanic. The best way to describe it is that players will be able to possess entities, taking control of them for helpful (and maybe nefarious) purposes, or just fly around as spectral beings, holding conversations and doing their best to annoy others.

Hopefully the multiplayer is still on track for release later this year. Seeing as one part of the video shows three players unstarving, Klei seems to have managed its target of 2-4 players, though it did say four was to be the “minimum”.

Don’t Starve Together Prototype Playtest [YouTube, via Reddit]

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