Heist Movie Comes To Life As Samsung Factory Raided

Heist Movie Comes To Life As Samsung Factory Raided

In what even Reuters admits sounds like the script of a "daring crime movie", a group of around 20 armed criminals in Brazil have got away with $US36 million worth of Samsung gear after robbing a factory.

First, having waited for the sun to go down, seven of the thieves stole a company shuttle bus, taking two of the employees inside hostage. Using those hostages as cover, they drove in past security and rounded up the rest of the staff - we're talking around 100 people - and "made sure none of them could communicate with the outside."

That's when a further 13 criminals drove inside the factory in trucks. Seven trucks. Over the course of four hours they loaded as many phones, tablets and laptops as they could, then took off into the night.

Brazil bandits steal $US36 million of Samsung phones, computers [Reuters]


    Methinks Samsung Brazil needs to up their security with armed guards.

    All the trucks and patches on the thieves uniforms had an Apple logo on them. Samsung proceeds to sue.

    Cheap Samsung goods on ebay soon I guess.

      You have to shift them within say 6 months or they're gonna plummet in value. In Australia I don't think the phones would be useful as Samsung would probably have the imei numbers written down somewhere and could just cancel them.

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