Here Are All The New Thing Your Xbox One Will Do In August

Nowadays consoles are constantly evolving beasts, which is why we're faced with mega OS updates every once in a while. The Xbox One is due another in August, and this new video by Major Nelson helps explain what's new.

It's mostly minor tweaks to social media style updates on your Xbox LIVE feed, and additional options for notifications and what not. Sadly I'm still waiting for the ability to stream media from my PC to my Xbox. I guess my 360 will remain plugged into my TV for now.

One thing that isn't mentioned in the above video is the addition of 3D Blu-ray playback. I didn't even know that wasn't part of the Xbox One to begin with, so there you go.

But is anyone actually buying and watching 3D Blu-rays? I don't know a single person who has bought one of them. Still good that support has been added for the handful of people who still love 3D.


    Umm I can stream to my Xbox One from my PC with no issues, just right click and use Play To.

      yep I can bring up my whole PC media library on my phone or mrs ipad and play-to xbone.

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      Play To is great when it works but even then you've got to be on the computer. Right now I'm considering it to be the best of a bad situation. Like how you can make the YouTube app not completely useless by pairing it with a browser based version.
      My two biggest issues with Play To are that it doesn't support everything my PC supports (I have to use the Win 8 app Mobile.HD to stream MKV files) and if my internet connection drops out XBOX Video boots me. If they resolve those I'll be happy to recommend Play To to everybody.

        What sort of phone do you have? I have xbmc running on comp and I got an app on Win7 phone called Smart Player which picks up everything as far as I know, I'm sure there'd be an app similar on Android and like I said earlier there is one on Apple too but I forget the name, my wife is pretty useless with technology and even she can work it from her ipad.

          I've got a Lumia 1520 but I don't really like running via the phone. I can make it work, like I said I use Media.HD and that will stream anything, but at best it does what the 360 did with more hoops to jump through.
          A bit of a joke considering I'm using Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and XBOX One. They were made for each other.

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        I use an app on my phone which browses my DLNA library and plays on my Xbox one via play to. Works better than the shitty DLNA browsers on the 360 or PS3 ever did. I have an 8 tb server though, so never used USB playback.

    I have plenty of 3D blu-rays, but no 3D TV (yet!)

      Yeah I own a lot of 3D blu rays and to be honest I would never put them in my game consoles to watch, that being said I have heard the ps3 is pretty good for blu ray playback... just can't be stuffed when my samsung player does it already

    Wow that's amazing a battery notification to tell you when your controller is low.
    And it only took what 10 months for that one, pat yourselves on the back M$ amazing work...

      Why is everyone downvoting you? Even last gen PS3 had something as simple as battery notification.

        360 controller's home button used to blink when on low battery, why would they take that away?

    Sadly I’m still waiting for the ability to stream media from my PC to my Xbox
    Wait, the XBox One cant do this yet? WTF? This is a new gen console we're talking about. I dont get it. Im also baffelled as to why they chose to use wifi N instead of Wifi AC in the new XBox and PS4, when these devices are meant to last for at least 5-7 years (in which time a new Wifi standard will be out and in place....wifi AD is just around the corner).

      It can, he just doesn't know how or chooses not to.

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        The PS4 is probably the least kitted out console in reality, the fact that it has just about zero media playback is ridiculous. Can't even play media off USB. Can't pause downloads. Can't use blutooth head phones even though the console supports blutooth.

          All it can do is play games and 2d bluray, but Microsoft are the ones constantly coping skirt on these sites.

            I try and make sure to mention that my PS4 is equally useless at media playback as my XBOX One but at the end of the day the XBOX One is the console I want to use for media playback so it's the console I'm most frustrated with.
            It also doesn't help that a lot of us found the XBOX 360 to be our preferred media player last gen, so when we load up the XBOX One and realise it's worse it hits much harder than the PS4 where we didn't really have expectations. The XBOX 360 set a bar that the XBOX One doesn't meet, which really stings.
            Personally I found the XBOX One really disappointing because I thought they would take the XBOX 360 media player and improve on the aspects everyone complained about (no external subtitles, lack of ability to expand codec libraries, etc). Instead they rebuilt it, ignored the stuff people wanted, cut back on core features and half arsed the design so it lands short of the 360.

              I'm frustrated it has taken this long to get to this point, but I for one am happy that didn't just build on the 360 media experience. Personally I preferred the PS3 for media, it did more, and did it better. The only downside was when they introduced cinavia. Now though the one is definitely becoming the best media device you can have under your tv. They should really introduce USB playback though, I have probably 10 friends waiting to buy the first next Gen console that introduces it.

                I'll agree the 360 wasn't perfect, I've always said Sony and Microsoft spend so much time looking at what each other are doing that they don't even notice that the most basic media player blows both the XBOX 360 and PS3 out of the water, but the 360 set bars that the XBOX One doesn't even seem to want to reach.
                Like you say, USB compatibility makes us hold onto our 360s and PS3s. That's just absurd.

                I only own a PS4 (which if I am honest I would not trade for the Xbox), it is disappointing considering the PS3 was a corner stone of my media watching. I really just want to be able to play files off HDD or external input.

                  If you run Plex server you can use the web ui in browser, but it limits you to stereo. Probably the best option for ps4 right now.

            because for some reason the media have bought in to sony saying they are focusing on only games. Yet they have a console with less features and it's hard to make any kind of argument that they have an advantage in terms of games available (imo they have the worst line up right now out of next gen consoles).

      Because they can the release a USB dongle for it and charge you 129.95 for it....

    I hear ya Serrels. I want to be able to search and select my media directly from the X1. Recently sold my 360 so it's all 'play to' till then. You'd think there'd be a Windows Media Center App by now...

    For the 8th month in a row:

    I don’t care if it’s streaming or USB of whatf*ckingever, the fact that I can’t listen to my own music while playing Forza 9 months after launch is absolutely ridiculous.

    It was a major feature when the Original Xbox launched FFS!

      You can PlayTo music, the shit part is the fact you have to snap the music app to do it, shrinking your game play. Give us background music Microsoft!

        I know that nothings ever as easy as it seems with programming, but if ANYTHING would be easy to fix it appears that it’s that.

        As you pointed out the feature 99.9% works, it’s just that that 0.1% costs you 25% of your screen…. And that’s kinda a big deal.
        I can’t believe they haven’t bothered to fix it yet. It’s ridiculous.

        Can someone at Kotaku please raise it with MS one day @markserrels ? It’ll save me one angry post a month and I’ll be a much happier person.


          I feel like this cool feature really got abandoned on Xbox 360, they never made the interface for it any easier to use even with the dashboard revamps...

          I know that nothings ever as easy as it seems with programming, but if ANYTHING would be easy to fix it appears that it’s that.

          It's how they've structured everything. XBOX Video, XBOX Music and a bunch of the other lacking features are apps rather than built in parts of the OS. This sort of modular approach can be great but it comes with the drawback of the core apps not being able to do anything other apps can't do. They can't streamline the features the way they would if they were part of the core OS. If an app I build can't continue to play music in the background then XBOX Music can't continue to play music in the background.
          In this specific case if I had to guess I'd say they're hitting a wall with controlling off-screen apps. There's no guide or remote control anymore so unless the media player is built into the game Kinect is pretty much the only option. You would have to say 'XBOX Music + pause' (the app name followed by the command, not the general XBOX + command). As far as I'm aware apps can't do that so they'd have to hard code in the Kinect to recognise 'pause music' as a general OS command that gets forwarded to the XBOX Music app running in the background.
          That's a patchy solution that would work but it would also break the modular nature of the OS a little.

          The Microsoft approach to general app design also seems to be flawed. Across their entire Windows range their apps are weak counterparts for their actual software. They're missing basic functionality, they're restrictive, they're poorly laid out. It's like they scrapped the teams that would make specific software like Windows Media Player or Outlook and gave the job of making all those little programs to a general app team instead.

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            Man, I couldn’t go into detail about what the issue is, just that is ALMOST works.

            I’m pretty sure you can say “play music” and it will play the music already, but it opens the app that covers the edge of the screen (and shrinks the main image to scale). You can then select the main screen and go back to playing your game with the music still just fine running but there’s no way at all to hide the bar and keep the music running. It’s not that it can’t run the app and the game at the same time, it’s that you can’t f*ck off the sidebar while you’re playing.

            They don’t even need to add an “Xbox hide sidebar” thing to Kinect since some people don’t have Kinect anymore. Just put a ‘hide’ button on the sidebar that keeps it running. Even if you have to press the ‘home’ button to go back into music if you need to menu back, you can still jump straight back into your game from the previous point because it keeps them both running.

            I’m sure it can’t be THAT hard to fix. Imagine how nice it would have been if you’d been able to replace that “Welcome to the future” song after the first time you were unfortunate enough to hear it…. It would be heaven.

              Yeah, I can think up a bunch of solutions myself. Double tap of guide bringing up quick controls similar to how Windows 8/Windows Phone 8 will put up a control overlay for music and video. Guide + D-Pad combos preforming Play/Pause, Stop, Fast Fordward, Rewind.
              Frankly they're Microsoft so even if it's a super hard technical fix it shouldn't take this long. It's a safe bet that when one side gets the ability to read off a USB stick the other will have it within two months, but for now they feel free to ignore basic functionality because it's not directly being quoted as the reason they're losing sales.

    Woo! 3D bluray! Now I don't have to use my PS3 anymore! Now c'mon Plex beta! Then I can use my Xbox for everything.

    I actually have a 3d tv and 3d blu rays and am ecstatic about the 3d playback on the X1. Who knows, maybe some 3d compatible games on the horizon. With all being said, still glad I got my X1 over the Fanboy 4!!!! Especially when all is said and done, I will have a plethora of games while Sony users will be scrounging to find something new just like they did with the PS3

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