Here Are All The Retro Consoles Appearing At PAX Australia

And it's a pretty expansive list.

Every single one of the consoles/computers/devices in this image will be making an appearance at PAX Australia's Classic Console Area. Looks like it's going to be an unmissable area of the event.

All the obvious ones in the image are... obvious. But I hate to admit there are consoles/computers on there that I literally can't put a name to. I think this is a good thing. It means that the Classic Console Area isn't just an excuse to indulge in nostalgia, in some ways it'll be a voyage of discovery — a chance to check out consoles you didn't even know existed. I think that's extremely cool.


    But I hate to admit there are consoles/computers on there that I literally can’t put a name to.

    I suspect there's quite a few there that never made it to Australia (Famicon and American SNES are pretty obvious). I wonder if they'll have an imports only section for those. Remind all those new young gamers that in the olden days the price difference was usually the least of our concerns.

      Your comment made me realise that it would be fun for each of the consoles to have a price tag as well, with both the launch RRP and it adjusted for inflation.

        That would be good, but I'd probably just get angry seeing how completely arbitrary the prices are and the differences between regions (I'd want the launch RRP for each region, along with the exchange rate on that date).

    Is one of those...a VCR?

      I think that's a Philips CDI

        I think hes reffering to the one at the top that looks like a vcr / dvd player that one has me stumped as well.

          I know that, and that was the console I was referring to. However it was a though, I'm having trouble confirming it.

            Yeah, I meant that one. But didn't CDi's have controllers, and I thought they look...a bit less like a VCR (but definitely share similarities).

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              the CDi was black from memory and the first gen had the disc tray on the far left (2nd gen was a top loader)


                I think this is it actually

                  MP3 file display, it beats my XBOX One and PS4!

    Why do they have Amigas and Spectrums etc in there? Not really consoles.
    You'd need to add in Atari 800s etc. as well :)

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      Think you need to look up the definition of console ;)

    No Vectrex? Blasphemy!

      Hahaha just realised that and was about to say the same.

      I'd love to get a chance to check out a Vectrex. Only ever seen a couple of display models up high on a shelf (and turned off) in Japan.

    i can name everything there except the one that looks like a dvd player (top Centre). anyone know what that one is ??

    two Sega Megadrive II (genesis). One with the old casing and one with the new, but they're still the same console.

      Isn't one of those Japanese?

        One of them could be, the Japanese ones had round edged cartridges so had to accommodate those with changes to the edges of the port opening... you needed an adapter cartridge to play games from other countries- that wasn't just because of the cartridge shape, there was some region protection stuff going on, BUT the you had the same thing with the US version, Australian, Brazilian etc. They're all the same console.

    Had heaps of fun in this section last year. As a 40+ gamer I grew up with most of these machines.

    Nothing like a quick game of IK+ on C64 :)

    The DVD player from memory had some platform games on it and had sega like controllers.

    I think it is this

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      I think you hit the nail on the head with the dvd player one :) Mystery solved.

    The retro console area was definitely a highlight for me last year. I remember at one point there were about 10 of us crowded around the N64 cheering/playing Super Smash Bros.

    SNES, front and center. Exactly where it belongs.

    Full list is as follows:

    Amiga 1200
    Amiga 600
    Amiga CD32
    Amstrad CPC
    Amstrad GX4000
    Atari 2600 Junior
    Atari 7800
    Atari Jaguar
    Atari XEGS
    Commodore 64
    Emerson Arcadia
    Famicom Disk System
    Hanimex Pong unit
    Intellivision II
    Master System 1
    Master System 2
    Mega Drive 1
    Mega Drive 2
    Neo Geo AES
    Nintendo 64
    PC Engine CD
    PC Engine Core II
    PC Engine Duo-R
    Samsung Nuon
    SEGA Mark 3
    SEGA Saturn
    SEGA SG-1000 II
    SNES Jr.
    Sony PlayStation
    Super Famicom
    ZX Spectrum

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