Here is Your First Look At Mad Max: Fury Road

Here is Your First Look At Mad Max: Fury Road

We’ve been waiting for a new Mad Max movie for a long, long time. If this first trailer is anything to go by, it might just be worth the wait. I just got finished watching this and, man. I’m getting shivers.

And interestingly enough, the trailer doesn’t feature much of Max at all. It focuses almost exclusively on some insane car chase action and Charlize Theron’s character. Already I’m getting a sense that she’s going to completely steal this movie from underneath Tom Hardy. Considering how good Tom Hardy is in almost every movie he’s starred in, that’s a real feat.

I just loved this trailer. Previous reports stated that the movie is basically made up of a single, two hour long car chase scene. George Miller basically confirmed this at Comic-Con.

“The movie is a chase,” he said. “It’s very hard when people are chasing across the wasteland to write that in words; it’s much easier to do that in pictures. Because it’s almost a continued chase, you have to connect one shot to the other. The obvious way to do that was with storyboards [which is what they did first], then put words in later. I worked with three really fine storyboard artists and graphic novelists. We sat in a big room and instead of writing it down, we’d say, ‘So this guy throws a thunderstick at a car and there’s an explosion.’ You can write that, but exactly where the thunderstick is, where the car is, and the explosion, it’s very hard to get those dimensions, so we would draw it. We ended up with 3,500 panels, which almost becomes the equivelant to the number of shots in the movie.”

I couldn’t be more excited for this movie.

Comic-Con: Experience The Insanity Of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ [FilmSchoolRejects]


  • Now that’s a trailer! Re. The music used – good to see Junkie XL is still kicking around and making music.

  • Haven’t even seen Mad Max 2 or 3, so I’ll have to get my arse into gear. It’s gonna be weird not having Mel Gibson as Mad Max, but I’ve loved everything I’ve seen Tom Hardy in, so this should be awesome. Mel Gibson apparently makes a cameo, so it’s better than nothing I s’pose.

  • Looks fantastically good.

    Max only has 16 lines of dialogue through the whole movie. Tom Hardy speaks in an Aussie accent for the movie, Miller chose to keep it minimal as he wanted Max’s character to ‘speak through his actions, not through his words’, like he did in The Road Warrior and less so ‘Beyond Thunderdome’. To me, this is the right way to go.

    The action, unlike the first 3, will be in a non-descript area, with a mix of dialogues, to show the whole *world* has been affected and Max has truly ‘roamed’. It could be Australia, it could be America or the middle of what was once the ocean for all we know. Very cool 😀

    • Max only has 16 lines of dialogue through the whole movie;

      If Hardy’s accent is as dodgy as it is for all of those lines as it is in this trailer, than thank goodness!

      It sound’s like, in my opinion, instead of just doing a good Aussie accent, he was trying very hard to sound like Gibson.

    • Well considering the first dialogue of that trailer was “911 what is your emergency?”…it kinda alludes that its in America.

      • Or that Americans would realise he was calling for help if it said ‘0000, whats your emergency’…. if they even say that? IDK, never had to call lol.

        • the dialogue also blends into the original films opening monologue, along with other nationalities. Miller had said previously that he wanted this Max to retain his Australian origins… but didn’t want the film to feel as isolated by at least alluding to a larger world outside what we’ve seen.

          SO KEEEN!!!!!

      • I don’t think the hodgepodge of voices at the start was meant to set a geographic context so much as to give a background as to what’s happened to the world.

      • Well, no, it is an opening monologue of how the entire world went to shit, so it has bits from all over.

    • Why not? It’s true. It’s been almost 30 years since the last one. There’s been rumours since the late 80s of another, then movements since the late 90s to bring us another. At one stage a script was written where the ‘feral boy’ from Road Warrior was meant to grow up, be called ‘Max’ in honour of the man who saved them and take over ‘his role’ saving people in the wasteland. Eventually, he would come face to face with a gang led by a madman that was going around killing people, who actually turned out to be led by a man with no past, who turned out to be the original Max Rockatansky gone mad from his time in the wasteland, earning the name ‘Mad Max’ as it were. This was ‘apparently’ a real script, floating around for a while, but it never saw production, so take it was a grain of salt and just thank christ it wasn’t made.

      They allegedly even courted Heath Ledger to play a role at one stage in a potential remake, (don’t think it was for that alleged script). Thank god that script wasn’t used though, Max shouldn’t be the badguy. Ever.

      • Your story outline sounds pretty good. I’m all for characters changing and growing, and I’d love to see something like that happen to an established character, as long as it was well written and made sense.

        • It sounds ok in a way but then you realise that’s sort of the end for Max Rockatansky. The idea though was that the title ‘Mad Max’ would go on to be a sort of ‘superhero’ title handed on to people, a bringer of justice or something. THAT part I wasn’t opposed to.

          • Would be rad though if the reason he’s called Mad Max is that Max Rockatansky lost the plot as you say and was brought back to fighting the good fight through the grown up feral boy 😀 But yeah, passing the helm? He’s not a superhero, he’s just as hard as nails.

    • An improvement? Well, no, not in my opinion. I did like the second one though. I was really young when I saw the third the last time, so I can’t really be sure about that one.

    • First one is a cult cinema classic. Cheesy acting sure, but it was a landmark Australian film for the time. The second was a superb action piece for Australia. It showed the world we could do large scale action with a small budget. Definitely worth watching.

      And then there’s part 3…….


      • MM2 was everything that was great about 80s film-making in Australia, MM3 was everything that was wrong with late 80s film-making. Looking forward to this though.

        • Very much this. MM3 was an exercise in useless excess and ridiculousness. From the Lost children to the over glamourised Tina Turner as ‘Aunty Entity’ it was like a terrible 1980s music video gone wrong. It had some redeeming bits. Master Blaster was cool, Angry Anderson did an ok job and Barter Town itself wasn’t too shabby an idea, but the execution itself left a lot to be desired.

          That and the fact he seemed to have an *exact twin* ‘Captain Walker’ who piloted that plane? Come *on*… lol

          • I wouldn’t say it was an “exact” twin. Captain Walker was just some drawing that looked like 50% of the white male population. The other 50% are typical beer-swilling sports-watching slobs.

        • I heartily disagree. I think Beyond Thunderdome holds up well and Turner did a good job. I’ll happily watch all 3 films today.

    • Dude, did you not see what happened to the Interceptor in Mad Max 2!?

      Clearly this is just a ramshackled rebuild lol

      • I did, that’s why it hurt even MORE. Calm down smurf 😛

        How shitty would it be if he’d found a replacement, just at the start of the movie. We’re all stoked, George Miller is all “lol jk”

        He must have taken a page out of George RR Martin’s book.

  • Does look pretty mad! Although it will be hard not to see anyone other than Mel Gibson as Mad Max… if it’s done right it’ll be all good.

    Mel Gibson as Mad Max is legendary.

  • was this shot in australia cause it doesnt have that australian desert look?
    sky isnt blue enough and the dire is the wrong color red

  • i did hear about broken hill getting massive rainfall so all the desert flowers bloomed, not very post apocolyptic 🙂
    the mad max desert look is so ingrained its almost a character in the story itself

  • One of the villains in this is the villain from the original returning – so that’s pretty interesting!

  • So doesn’t that mean we could have had an Australian actor? We have some pretty quality lads around at the moment. Many of them could have given it a good shot. I mean, the only Australian I could see was Megan Gale. I mean, really?!
    P.S. Did no black/asian/nonwhite people make it through the apocalypse?
    P.P.S. How good does that two headed gecko look? I liked that. (Y)

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