Here’s A Short And Very Shiny Teaser For The New Transformers Series

Here’s a short and very shiny-looking teaser that San Diego Comic-Con attendees got to see for the new Transformers series, Robots in Disguise. Those Autobots sure love their three-point landings, don’t they?

The show kicks off in Q2 2015.


      • True they did have mouths but they still looked like robots, everything since bayformers has been human faces with glowing eyes. I mean bumblebee (im assuming its bumblebee) in the above trailer has eyebrows for crying out loud.

        • It’s Bumblebee….
          From what I have heard, this series takes after Prime, Optimus Died or something (I haven’t watched TF Prime aside from the first 5 episodes where Megatron was an evil bad-arse again AND Voiced by the mighty Frank Welker) and Bumbles takes over as leader (dear god, why….) and has to deal with being the new leader and blah blah blah Optimus will probably be back in it by mid season.

          Probably better off sticking to watching G1 and playing Fall for Cybertron and War for Cybertron and staying the hell away from that new one that destroyed what was a good thing.

          • Hey cilantro you do realise that Rise of The Dark spark isn’t by Highmoon studios so feel free to act like it doesn’t exsist hahahaha 🙂

            There’s only two Transformers games 🙂 WFc and FoC 🙂

            Anyways this series looks like Tron uprising so I’m sold!!!

        • The art style kind of looks like a cross between Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime. I enjoyed both series (probably Animated more than Prime though), so don’t really have a problem with the art style.

          When I think of the art style of the Michael Bay films, the thing that sticks out to me is the way the robot forms are composed of lots of tiny barely recognisable scraps of metal. The faces never really bothered me.

          Now getting past the art style, I didn’t really see enough in that trailer to make a decision one way or the other about this series. It could be good, or it could suck. Robot mouths don’t really push me in either direction.

          • I hated the art style of Animated but found it had good writing, Prime once again not so much a fan of the art style but felt it was well written.

        • Confirmed for casual. Transformers for the most part have always had humanoid faces, all the way back to G1, especially the autobots.

          If anything the Bayformers look more alien compared to the original more traditional transformers. I christ look at what happened to Starscream.

  • So we’re reusing subtitles for the series (Robots In Disguise aka RiD was first done in the early 2000s as a Japanese series that was dubbed into English later) and doing more f***ing Bay-Bots!?

    I tell you what, the story better be f***ing brillient.

    • ‘Invaders Must Die’ by the Prodigy. And yeah, that was my first thought, too.

      Edit: Which, if I’d read ahead, I’d notice has already been said a few hours ago. Oh wells.

  • Wow, that was terrible. Terrible to the point where I’m wondering whether they accidentally circulated rough cut, test footage that was never meant to be seen outside of the studios internal meetings.

  • i’m absolutely not a fan of the poorly done japanese-style henshin/transformation sequences. i watch sailor moon for that.

  • That tune is so ripped from Prodigy – Invaders Must Die. Except less cool and with less impact 😛

  • this looks alot like the animation from the tron animated series – is it the same animation house?
    also, PLEASE tell me that autobot with the faux hawk is not rodimus? i mean the character is supposed to be a cocky punk, but jeebus…

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