Here's Our First Good Look At Final Fantasy Explorers

Square Enix's newly announced action-RPG might get some Monster Hunter comparisons, but it really looks a lot more like Phantasy Star Online. It looks good too.

Via GameXplain, here's some new footage from Final Fantasy Explorers, which is out for 3DS in late 2014 in Japan. This segment was posted during a Japan-only Nintendo Direct this morning.

Oh, and, uh, don't get too excited about that Final Fantasy V intro. This is a totally new game.


    Looks cool, very Phantasy Star and pretty similar looking to Soul Sacrifice/Ragnarok Odyssey for Vita

    I can definitely see the links with PSO. Which is great considering that we in the West will likely never see a release of Phantasy Star Online 2, let alone Phantasy Star Nova, their upcoming PSVita title. I just hope Square Enix actually release this for the western market.

      Just man up and play MH. After playing PSO on the much harder difficulties you might not find the difficulty curve so bad in MH.

      Also capcom have said MHO (not to be confused with the old MHF) will be coming to the west (cry engine game, currently in beta in china).

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        What's to say I haven't been playing MH, I've been enjoying MH3U on the Wii U since it released and it's quite a fun game. That being said, PS/O has a special place in my heart, I blew over 200 hours on the GC version of PSO despite the Australian version having no online. PSPo 1and 2 were in my opinion some of the best games on the PSP. Just because there are other games out there like them doesn't mean I want to stop supporting a franchise I enjoy. I would gladly give Sega my money if they'd let me, and I'm fairly certain there is more than a fair few people out there that would do the same.

          Haha, I actually did the same thing with the GC version, split screened it all the time with friends.
          PSU was a disaster though.

    Looks pretty shit compared to monster hunter 4 and yeah looks far more like PSO style combat (esp the Phantasy Star game on the NDS last gen).

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