Hey Big Surprise! John Cena Is On The Cover Of WWE 2K15

Hey Big Surprise! John Cena Is On The Cover Of WWE 2K15
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The announcement of who would be on the cover of the latest WWE game WWE 2K15 was drawn out, dramatised and even given some major screen time on the WWE’s televised programming — to the point where I was sort of convinced that perhaps the WWE were going to go with some sort of innovative cover for their latest game — maybe promote a new wrestler, maybe put an old superstar on the cover.

Nah, it’s just John Cena.

Don’t get me wrong — I have no problem with John Cena. I actually like the guy. I also think it makes the most commercial sense to put him there — he is the WWE’s biggest star and has been for the better part of a decade. But to make such a big deal of an announcement and then use that space to make the most banal, run of the mill announcement possible? It would be a bit like announcing a FIFA cover reveal during the World Cup semi-finals and announcing that Lionel Messi was going to be on the cover. We all know that’s the likely outcome, why make such a huge deal about it?

I guess we should read it as a statement of intent. Obviously it’s being done for promotion, to make fans aware that the product exists and they should buy it, but I think making such a big deal of the new cover tells you that the WWE is serious about this video game and serious about making a big splash in the gaming market. Once upon a time WWE games were huge sellers, and high in quality too. Maybe the WWE is expecting big things for this new release? We can only speculate.

I guess what I’m saying is they should have put the Ultimate Warrior on there.


  • They make a big deal about it every year and ofton use it as a plot point.
    On a side note, I don’t know why but the yearly releases of wwe games bothers me more than sporting games being released every year.

    • The yearly releases bother me because each year they usually make them worse. I still think the best WWE game was Here comes the pain in 2004 on the PS2.

      • I remember back then I was a die-hard fan and bought every PS2 game every year. The annoying thing was with each release they would add some great new features, but take other good features out from the last one. HCTP was one that did that, mainly with the lack of ring announcements (after getting it pretty much perfect in Shut Your Mouth) and commentary altogether (which to an extent was probably for the better), but overall it’s up there as one of the best.

  • Money In The Bank was so dissapointing.

    With three great up and comers like Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Cesaro in the match, it was a shame to see them trot out the same old horse.

    • Only reason one of the newcomers didn’t win is because the champion is being fed to Lesnar at Summerslam!

      Why kill the momentum of a future star, remember, the current champ is just a placeholder because Bryan got injured!

  • all i care about is it’s custom character maker, and thats solely for VGCW…

  • Should of been Daniel Bryan, john cena hasn’t done anything much in the last year has taken a backseat to the yes movement

  • Whenever Cena is involved the appropriate response is usually “it’s just Cena.”


    With news of Chael Sonnen’s “departure” from the UFC/ Fox broadcasting team it’s not too late to put the next WWE Champ on the cover.

    It will make up for him missing out on the cover of EA Sports UFC.

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