Hey, Here’s Footage Of Destiny. At 1080p. On The Xbox One.

Hey, Here’s Footage Of Destiny. At 1080p. On The Xbox One.

The Destiny beta is already underway on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Xbox One version? That kicks of July 23. If you happen to insanely sharp vision you might notice the game is running on a slightly lower resolution on the Xbox One — 900p to the PS4’s 1080p. But that discrepancy won’t exist in the final version.

Via IGN, Bungie has just released video footage of the game running at 1080p on the Xbox One. Apparently the beta had to go out at 900p for reasons but, back at the Bungie ranch, the game is already running at full resolution. That’s good news for folks who want to pick up the game on Microsoft’s big ol’ box.

When it comes to PS4 vs Xbox One, some people like to say that resolution isn’t that important. I agree and I disagree. I agree because yes, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between versions and yes it will most likely not impact your time with the game at all.

But at the same time, if I’m spending my hard-earned money on a game and a console, I do want the best version of that game, even if the differences are imperceptible. I know that’s silly, I freely admit that, but that’s just the way I am with video games. It’s the reason why I spent most of last gen on the Xbox 360 and — so far — most of my current gen gaming on the PS4.


  • I’d much rather have 480p and know that my Kinect is ready to react to 50% of my intended voice commands, 30% of my gestures and ready to perform random actions while i’m trying to talk to someone or go to the fridge to get a beer.

    That pause button is a pain in the ass to hit!

    • As much as I like the Kinect it’s a pain in the ass sometimes. I was playing Tomb Raider the other day and my wife would occiasionally say something while I was playing – for some reason my Xbox interpreted this as me asking it to switch to my bow while I was in the middle of a firefight where I really needed to be using the shotgun.

      • For me it’s useless 80%+ of the time. Even when it’s a gimmick it’s so unreliable I can’t even use it for showing off, the ultra cool dream MS had of voice commanding your TV gets pretty embarrassing when you have people over to see your new toy for the first time and you have to yell at your TV 4 times.

        There’s probably 2-3 commands that I use with any regularity (“Go to settings”, “record that”….. ok it’s just 2).
        One of those at least is almost entirely unnecessary and only gets used because for some reason the Xbone considers ‘settings’ to be an App and I got used to voice searching for it because it was hard to find.

        In that case it’s just a power sucking parasite on my Xbone (teehee).
        It’d be fine if it was only a slightly useless gimmick, but as you’ve pointed out it actively gets things wrong when you’re trying not to use it and breaks a whole bunch of functions which were previously rock-solid.

        How many people were ever annoyed by the 360’s controllers being assigned to a player number? Nobody ever.
        Luckily Kinect is there to fix this invented “problem” by recognising your face and automatically assigning any controller to your player number! It’s all well and good until my brother and I both get up for beers while we’re playing Forza and when we come back it takes 30 seconds to make the idiotic decision to confuse us (there’s 3 years and 15-20kg difference between us) and switch our screens automatically.

        When it’s unreliable in its intended role as a slightly novel gimmick, breaks sh*t that didn’t need to be changed in the first place AND chews up a ton of processing power….. I was optimistic about it a first, but the faster and deeper that MS can bury Kinect the happier I’ll be.

        “Record that” is awesome though.

        • I think Kinect as a passive feature is going to be useful in the long term, but they’re trying to make it overly prominent to justify the R&D money and that’s turning people off.

          “Record that”, “go back”, “pause”, “use a code”. Handy little features when the Xbox hears you correctly. Do they justify the big camera brick watching me masturbateeverything? Eh. No. But I have hopes for the future. A future where I say “Xbox, go back” while watching a youtube video and the poor little thing gets confused and informs me it “cannot ‘hang up’ from here”.

          • It’s a passive feature from a user perspective, but for the last 9 months it been a very active parasite from a development perspective.

            How many people bought an PS4 instead because the PS4 was consistently pushing out better resolutions? Lots I’d imagine.

            It undoubtedly has it’s uses, but man it should have been switched off far more readily than it has been to this point.

        • I ran the Xbox through a demo of voice commands for the guys installing my new TV and they were impressed. They commented it worked much better than the PS4 or Samsung’s smart tv voice commands.

        • You can get to the settings app easily anytime from anywhere on the home screen by pressing what used to be called the start key, now I guess it’s called lines or something then choosing settings.

          I’ve used voice recog for work before (for 4.5 years), so using the kinect with non regional diction is easy for me. It’s hilarious hearing my mates struggle with their accent, sluring of words, not understanding where to break the syllables for the kinect to easily be able to decipher what they are saying. I turned my kinect around (so it’s facing the central speaker of my surround unit) a long time ago. Still gets my voice commands perfectly.

    • I use my Kinect to turn the console on/off, change volume, mute and launch apps or games at minimum, and have no problems. Maybe having the input language set to UK instead of the gimped AU and speaking English clearly helps?

      I don’t use gestures for anything though, so having gestures disabled in games that don’t support it doesn’t bother me at all. Far more efficient use of resources.

      • I’d agree with all that. I didn’t think the Xbox On command worked at all for Aussie users yet.

        The gesture system is just a terrible waste of resources, its broken AND chews up tons of processing power.

        The voice command is unreliable for inputs but still borderline useful, but as far as I’m concerned the first time it unpauses your game because it heard a noise while you were getting a beer is the time that usefulness is completely nullified.

        • The last beta dashboard gave us the ability to change input language to other regions. US and UK give you Xbox On. It’s the same update that gives you the ability to snap achievements, so if you can do that, give it a try. AU probably won’t ever get Xbox On, apparently it uses too much power for a device on standby with it enabled to meet AU standards. Turns on damn near instantly by voice though, unlike by controller where it would take 3-5 secs.

          Personally I think making the trigger word Xbox was dumb, you now can’t talk about Xbox in front of your Xbox!

          • The safety word should be “banana”.

            With the way power prices are in NSW (they’re some of the highest in the world) I’m happy to give up 3 seconds and an agonising button press if it has any impact on my power bill at all.

  • There isn’t anything wrong with your approach. If you have a choice between multiple platforms, all other things being equal you would be silly to not pick up the highest version from a technical perspective.

    If you only have one machine then whichever version is better is as rather moot point, it’s the only one you can buy (which is why fighting over differences is completely pointless).

    • I bet:

      Destiny was gonna have some Kinect support, which required 900p. Since then, MS has pulled the plug and allowed extra 10% grunt without Kinect, so Bungie is ditching it entirely so it can be on-par with PS4.
      Edit: This is a reply fail.

  • Ehhh I just feel like people making noise over resoloution shouldn’t even be playing on console to begin with..

    also been playing destiny beta on ps4 just not a fan of that ps4 controller it’s so clunky and feels weird… still a huge step up from dual shock 3 / Sixaxis
    although I may stick to buying it for XB1

  • I’m not really feeling Destiny TBH.

    I didn’t quite know what they were going for before the beta (I missed the alpha).
    Borderlands, but serious, and with less guns, seemed a bit redactive but it was the closest I understood.
    Having played the beta, (and bearing in mind that I’m not a multiplayer), the story stuff seems really disjointed.
    The idea of returning to a quest giver between missions bothered me a bit… although having played RPGs I can cope with it.
    The Ghost was lifeless (I get they they wanted something Cortana like whilst being completely different).

    I’ve got it preordered, and I’ll play it… but I doubt it’ll have the ten year traction they’re talking about (at least with me).

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