Hey, Hohokum, Get In My PS4 Already

Hey, Hohokum, Get In My PS4 Already

Still not quite sure how this is going to actually play. But whatever. It looks fantastic and sounds, courtesy of Ghostly's ensemble soundtrack, even better.


    I am surprisingly hyped for this game.
    Say what you will about the PS4 being an "indie-station", that's only a benefit for the system, especially since indie games are only getting better.

      I still don't really understand that criticism. It still gets all the big 3rd party games, Sony still have the same studios working on AAA exclusives that they had during the PS3 era. The indie games are in addition to the AAA stuff, not instead of.

    Anyone else reminded of Nights Into Dreams (Sega Saturn)?

      Yeah, thrown into a blender with Loco Roco and Yellow Submarine. The art style has me absolutely sold!

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