How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog

How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog

PCs and dogs have lots in common, you know. No, really!

Well, OK, owning PCs and dogs are mostly similar…until you get to the part where you have to consider buying a new PC. That’s when the similarities drawn by this Dorkly comic start getting a bit more heartbreaking:

How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog
How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog
How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog
How Owning A PC Is Kind Of Like Owning A Dog


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  • How is it that I’ve had a PC running for 5 years with no AV, and besides a brief BluRay disc drive failure, had none of these problems? So many of these are PEBKAC problems.

    • I know, right. Apart from work machines, I’ve never run AV and I’ve never had a virus. It’s really not hard to not click on miley_cyrus_naked.jpg.exe

        • Like the people “from Windows” who call you up about “your computer has viruses”?

          • You can have a lot of fun with them, I know one guy who doesn’t even own a computer who got a call from them and basically started asking weird stuff while waiting for the computer to boot up.

          • I managed to keep them on the phone for 20 minutes following their instructions on the microwave.
            “Is it on?”
            “Yes, but the screen is black”
            “You need to turn it on”
            “It IS on, but until I key in a time it won’t light up”
            “Oh…let me get my manager” ~ “Hello? Is it on?”
            “yes it is”
            “Ok on the botton left of your keyboard you should see the Ctrl button”
            “No is says Start”
            “yes ok, click on that”
            *BEEP* “Nothing happened”
            “What do you mean nothing happened?”
            “Like I said, unless I key in a time before I press start it won’t do anything”
            “Um…let me get my supervisor”

            This went on until he asked what kind of computer it was.
            “Oh, it’s a Kambrook 800w”
            *Hang up*

          • I used to be proud I got them to go for 5 minutes with me saying nothing but “uh huh” to all their questions.

            You sir, I tip my hat to.

          • No, not them.
            People who use ip scanning tools and launch attacks via exploits.
            if you are a online gamer and join my server, and then i decide to log your ip (if i were a douche) there would be nothing stopping me from attacking.

          • No AV on a computer is like leaving the door open waiting for people to be enticed to rob you

          • I’ve only ever had that happen three times to me, and the only reason I knew about it was my AV popped up a little window telling me it was all fine.

      • damn that miley cyrus doenst work, it just goes blue when i click on it? i think your link is broken

      • Do you use a web browser? Do you have a Flash plugin installed? Java? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are at risk. Not everything bad is a virus and not everything is delivered via either. There are quite a large number of exploits and attacks (eg. watering hole attacks) done via legitimate web sites and downloads and there’s absolutely nothing you can do other than have good AV software and keep an eye out for warnings about which sites currently have known weaknesses.

        Have you checked your network traffic lately? You might be part of a botnet without realising it.

    • You’ll probably find you have had a lot of the same problems you just fix them on the spot before they add up to anything significant. Ie, Last week I had a conflict between Firefox and an extension, but I isolated the problem and fixed it in under 20 minutes. By next week I’ll probably have forgotten I ever had a problem to begin with. It barely registers as computer maintenance to you and I. If I’d let it go it wouldn’t break my PC, Firefox still worked it was just running poorly, but if I let a dozen similar things go over five years my computer would be garbage.
      It’s that minor difference in what we understand and how we resolve problems that separates us. We install things properly the first time, we update things, if something crashes we know how to figure out why. It’s like cars. If you treat them badly they last six months, if you treat them well they last five years, but if you’re a mechanic it’ll last pretty much as long as you want it to.

    • Dont be so confident. The odds are on your favors now but you will never know what hits you when your time is up, it would probably be too late as well.

    • Because you know which porn sites to go to & which ones are dodgy. You’re also not stupid enough to open email attachments which are clearly infected.

  • Not bad, except I’m not constantly replacing my dog’s organs for new ones.

  • Yeah funny up until the whole forget you had a crappy old one bit.

    I have been a PC gamer my whole life (34 odd years now) and I have been a dog person my whole life, I WILL NEVER forget any of my PC’s or my dogs/animals (good times had with all). I managed to avoid the disappointment of getting rid of old PC’s by just upgrading components as I go, now if I could only find some upgrades for my 8 year old staffy (he’s getting on now) then I would never have to say goodbye again (its true animals really are the best people) !

    Believe it or not I have photos of all my computers (excluding a few early ones when I was really young) and my games room has photos of me with all my pets in it (yes all of them, including the axolotls I had as a youngster that only lived for a week). I am a reaaaaaal sucker for memories of the past.

  • Well I guess that explains why my mother keeps calling me over to teach her dogs the same tricks I taught them a month ago.

  • My mouse broke last night…….I had just started up the last episode of wolf among us and it just stopped working. It was ten years old but still terrible timing….I’ve still got the iPads and the playstation to game on but my PC is what I love to play on the most.

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