How To Eject From Your Titanfall Mech With Style

How To Eject From Your Titanfall Mech With Style

It sucks when someone destroys your Titanfall mech. But it sucks even more to safely eject, only to be blown from the sky by an eagle-eyed opponent.

This video from FrothyOmen goes over some advanced ejection techniques, including how to set yourself spinning in the air to make yourself harder to hit, as well as how to disembark from a functional mech much more quickly.

Here’s another video on the air-strafe move from Gamesager, back in June:

While it remains important to climb into your titan with style, getting out with style is probably more useful for survival.

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  • Wait, I was getting the impression that the population for the game had dropped significantly fast. How many people are still around?

      • Ah man, that was a pretty steep drop. Unless that .5 represents kids and you should double that number.

        • It sucks because the game is super fun. The servers are a bit better now, but it’s still too hard to get a match. I never play Titanfall without my 3DS.

          • That’s a real shame since that was a selling point for the Xbone. It would really suck for a new player trying to get in, only to find out they missed out on the game because it was just the flavour of the month.

          • I should mention that this is on PC. I don’t think the servers are anywhere near as broken on the XBone.

            It really is a shame, though. This is a really fun, fast, balanced game that constantly manufactures cool water cooler moments. I’d kill a man for a proper server list instead of the weird matchmaking that takes anywhere from 3 seconds to 40 minutes to find a game.

          • Yeah, I don’t see why they couldn’t put up a server list? Trying to encourage people to play at max population servers? I don’t know, but would be nice. Also attrition is still on and mark for death is on from time to time, which is really good.

          • Servers are still OK on xbone. In fact id say its a better experience than cog ghosts on xbone. Every time I get a game on xbone ghosts I have Americans and French people in the lobby. rarely get an aussie only play list. the connection is less than satisfactory. With titanfall, with the aussie ded servers the connection usually pretty good and you have a fully lobby in a minute or so.

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