How To Scare Off Your Hearthstone Opponent In One Turn

The best thing about Hearthstone, Blizzard's digital collectible card game, is that just about anything can happen. The worst thing about Hearthstone is that just about anything can happen. Witness the video above, captured by YouTuber CptnFabulous, who drew two Innervates and a Coin — all cards that give you extra mana crystals for a turn — and used all that spare energy to summon a ridiculous 9-7 card on turn #1.

When you have a card like that on your first turn, and your opponent has no cards that can deal with it, you win. GG. Hearthstone is the best. Also the worst.


    That and rolling out murlocs....

      Hahaha I love a good Murloc rush with Druid where possible.

      Murloc decks rarely work above rank 18, they're too situational.

        I know, i just hate sitting there and seeing a warlock and you just know its going for a murloc rush... It's so boring to play against... It can be countered but its like "again?"

          Yeah, I had two warlock murloc decks in a row last night, and four warlocks in a row. Kinda ridiculous.

            That's when I log and play something else.

            Like all Blizzard games "cookie cutter" becomes the norm.

    Something similar happened to me the other day. You just have to roll with the punches some days.

    When I get my optimal Warlock starting hand it's much the same, only with DEMONS!

    Off the top of my head I can't think of any Paladin cards that would deal with that so early in the game.

    I recently played a game where somebody managed to put out something powerful fairly early, luckily I was playing my Priest deck and drew a Shadow Word: Death.

      Um.. Aldor peacekeeper, equality, humility, all of which could be played early and neutered the beast's attack. You could also buy time with Taunt minions + divine shield combos.

        Completely forgot about Humility. That'd work.

        Aldor Peacekeeper and Equality are rare, so I haven't come across them myself. For some reason I never seem to get Paladin cards in packs.

        I do like to have a few low level taunts in my hands that I can throw up as distractions.

        Note: I am pretty shit at Hearthstone, so my opinions probably don't count for much.

          Aldor Peacekeeper is 3 cost, the paladin wouldn't be able to play it for another turn at least anyway.

            Theoretically he has at least two more turns left before The Beast gets lethal, if he draws a taunt he gets an extra turn. The odds would've been in his favor if he had any of those cards in his hand or waited to see what his other draws could've brought him.

    They nerf unleash the hounds but leave this shit in. There should be no 0 mana cards.

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    This card can be dealt with.... Off the top of my head Equality + a 1 mana charge minion. Bham. And your opponent just burned his starting hand for this move meaning you have the upper hand... The pally could've played Humility reducing the beasts attack to 1. Plenty of ways to deal with a play like that as long as the deck was solidly constructed.

      Doesn't matter how solidly constructed the deck is, there's only 6% chance of drawing a card that can deal with that in turn 1, and 13% by turn 2. With 9 attack and likely another creature down the following turn, you're looking at really only 3 turns to deal with it.

      Druid was extremely lucky, no shame in losing to that, because there was no skill involved in it.

        If you take into account low level taunts, divine shield spells, equality, humility, aldor peacekeeper you could have 1/3 of your deck ready to deal with a draw like that. I just find it hard to justify conceding on 30 health even against a play like that.

          You don't know what was in his deck or what was in his hand, it's not like you could make a fair assessment of why he did it either way.

            I never claimed to know what was in his deck or in his hand, I only stated that there are options on how to deal with this card in response to article stating that playing The Beast on turn one is enough to scare a player away.

            To reiterate I wasn't making an assessment of the player in this situation but rather arguing a hypothetical situation where this card can be countered in a similar scenario. If you believe this card can't be beaten then that's your opinion but I've seen players come back from a lot worse and there's always an option available to beating a card in Hearthstone. Which is why I find it odd for someone to concede on full health when you probably had at least one turn left to draw from.

              That came across more rude than I intended it to, sorry. I just meant to say that while there are things he could have done in an ideal situation, he may have known that he didn't have the cards or the hand to be able to deal with it fast enough for it to matter.

    As far as scaring people I personally prefer Turn 1: Innervate>Alarm o'bot. Turn 2: Deathwing :P

    Impressive, but I can't say I find enjoyment playing people with such cheese builds. Yes, hard to pull off, but this is where the game screams that it is becoming pay to win.

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      I won't deny that this was a cheesy, but not how it makes it pay to win? Nothing about that play cannot be done without dropping a dime.

    Soo... in MtG terms... he pulled the Dark Ritual chain? xD

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