The Incredible Hulk figure for Disney Infinity 2.o will not be available at launch, except to those who spend $US179.99 on this lovely PlayStation exclusive collector's edition. Rage... building.

Available this fall for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the collector's edition of Disney Infinity 2.0 comes with the game, the Avengers playset, six figures, including the timed exclusive Hulk, and a massive light-up diorama featuring the frost beast as designed for the game. The diorama is quite lovely, and even includes a spot for a seventh unannounced figure, probably Ant Man.


Isn't that lovely? I kinda want to put my mouth on it. I bet it taste like Sony.

Along with the exclusive collector's edition, this fall will also see the release of a $US249.99 12GB PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity 2.0 bundle, which just comes with the cheapy starter set.

You can read all about these fantastic values over at the PlayStation Blog. Hurry, before Banner finds out.


    That's... a lot of money. Want to bet it's 250 here?


      Wait, ok, I've just seen that it includes 6 figures instead of 3. Those are about 15 USD each, which makes the price a little less steep.

        Actually it is a little bit steep. Starter pack comes with the game and 3 figures and it cost $100. Each figure usually sell for 18 making it $154. That would mean that the collectable stand cost $100 by itself which I could pick up another 5-6 figure?

        $200 feels like a better price point for me.

          Yeah - preordering from EB gives you a bonus figure, which cuts 18 bucks off. It's still a little steep, absolutely, but given that it's an exclusive and the standard Australia Tax, it's not as ridiculous as I'd thought.

          That would mean that the collectable stand cost $100 by itself

          Probably for completionists. It's like the first round of masterpiece Optimus Primes that had no trailer, but there was a later edition that was $300 with trailer... so you basically pay $200 for a plastic box.

    My sons have been really looking forward to this game. My youngest's favourite hero is Hulk ... and we own an xbox. Yay!

      It's a timed exclusive. We never got a console with colours like R2-D2.

    Was considering Infinity 2.0 (mostly because of the Marvel, I mean, Disney had no interest in the thing--where was Kim Possible or Stitch?) until I read that silly "characters must stay in their own 'verses unless in Toy Box" is still in effect. There's a reason this game is still clogging up the shelves.

      They've said SOME characters are cross playsets, but not all of them. I guess they want to keep everything themed a certain way.

      The toy box has had a huge upgrade though and sounds like it's 100% better

    Price is steep, but just pre-ordered mine.
    I was gonna buy a next gen console, but the collector in me has to have this. 7th spot is for Loki.
    Notice it's up beside the frost giant, away from the other 7. God I hate Loki, but I will buy him coz Gotta Catch em All!

    Check out the 7th spot...

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