The Incredible Hulk figure for Disney Infinity 2.o will not be available at launch, except to those who spend $US179.99 on this lovely PlayStation exclusive collector’s edition. Rage… building.

Available this fall for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the collector’s edition of Disney Infinity 2.0 comes with the game, the Avengers playset, six figures, including the timed exclusive Hulk, and a massive light-up diorama featuring the frost beast as designed for the game. The diorama is quite lovely, and even includes a spot for a seventh unannounced figure, probably Ant Man.


Isn’t that lovely? I kinda want to put my mouth on it. I bet it taste like Sony.

Along with the exclusive collector’s edition, this fall will also see the release of a $US249.99 12GB PlayStation 3 Disney Infinity 2.0 bundle, which just comes with the cheapy starter set.

You can read all about these fantastic values over at the PlayStation Blog. Hurry, before Banner finds out.


    • Wait, ok, I’ve just seen that it includes 6 figures instead of 3. Those are about 15 USD each, which makes the price a little less steep.

      • Actually it is a little bit steep. Starter pack comes with the game and 3 figures and it cost $100. Each figure usually sell for 18 making it $154. That would mean that the collectable stand cost $100 by itself which I could pick up another 5-6 figure?

        $200 feels like a better price point for me.

        • Yeah – preordering from EB gives you a bonus figure, which cuts 18 bucks off. It’s still a little steep, absolutely, but given that it’s an exclusive and the standard Australia Tax, it’s not as ridiculous as I’d thought.

        • That would mean that the collectable stand cost $100 by itself

          Probably for completionists. It’s like the first round of masterpiece Optimus Primes that had no trailer, but there was a later edition that was $300 with trailer… so you basically pay $200 for a plastic box.

  • My sons have been really looking forward to this game. My youngest’s favourite hero is Hulk … and we own an xbox. Yay!

  • Was considering Infinity 2.0 (mostly because of the Marvel, I mean, Disney had no interest in the thing–where was Kim Possible or Stitch?) until I read that silly “characters must stay in their own ‘verses unless in Toy Box” is still in effect. There’s a reason this game is still clogging up the shelves.

    • They’ve said SOME characters are cross playsets, but not all of them. I guess they want to keep everything themed a certain way.

      The toy box has had a huge upgrade though and sounds like it’s 100% better

  • Price is steep, but just pre-ordered mine.
    I was gonna buy a next gen console, but the collector in me has to have this. 7th spot is for Loki.
    Notice it’s up beside the frost giant, away from the other 7. God I hate Loki, but I will buy him coz Gotta Catch em All!

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