Iconic Video Game Series Reimagined As Anime Girls

Iconic Video Game Series Reimagined As Anime Girls

The Neptunia series has a long history of turning video game consoles and companies into anime girls for their games. But the new spin-off game, Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Ultra Goddess Black Heart, takes it a step further and gives famous Japanese game franchises their own anime girl treatment.

Bio (ビオ) — Resident Evil

Bio’s name comes from the Japanese title of the survival horror series — i.e., ” Biohazard.” You’ve gotta love the little zombie chewing on her shoulder and the little red and white umbrella it carries around.

Moru (モルー) — Monster Hunter

Moru’s name comes from the first syllable of the franchise she represents: Monster Hunter — and she definitely looks the part.

Lifai (リーファイ) — Street Fighter

It’s easy for anyone who’s ever played a fighting game to see that Lifai is modelled after Chun Li from Street Fighter. I also enjoy that her bracers have down to forward punch written on them.

Lid (リッド) — Metal Gear

Her name is Lid, as in Metal Gear Solid. Her design is based on that of “Old Snake” in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Win (ウィン) — Pro Evolution Soccer

Win is the embodiment of the Pro Evolution Soccer series — or as it’s known in Japan, Winning Eleven.

Saori (さおり) — Tokimeki Memorial

Tokimeki Memorial, back in the PS1 days, was the first break-out game for the dating sim genre. The game’s main love interest is Fujisaki Shiori.

Restore (レストア) — Record of Argarest War

Restore personifies the Argarest War franchise. In appearance she looks like the game series’ Ellis and Fiona — and as they were both healers, this adds another layer to Restore’s name pun.

Little Rain (リトル・レイン) — Neverland

Little Rain represents Idea Factory’s Neverland series of games. Both her name an appearance are based on the Spectral Force character Little Snow.

Generia G (ジェネリア・G) — SD Gundam G Generation

Representing the Gundam G Generation series of games, Generia G takes her appearance from any number of captains from the Gundam franchise.

Lady Wakku (レデイ・ワック) — Pac-Man

Fruit on her dress, a giant bow, and sitting on a ball — need I say more?

Ai Masujima (増島 愛) — IDOLM@STER

Ai Masujima represents the Idolmaster series (though it’s not the first time Neptunia has parodied this series). She is based on IDOLM@STER 2‘s Mami Futami.

Estelle (エステル) — Dragon Quest

Dressing like the hero from Dragon Quest III, Estelle’s appearance is especially iconic for Japanese gamers.

Ain Al (アインアル) — Final Fantasy

A crystal on her chest, a rabbit that looks like a moogle, and a character design that looks more than a little like FFXIII‘s Lightning, it’s obvious at a glance that Ain Al represents Final Fantasy. I should also mention that her starting weapon in the game proper is an FFVIII-style gunblade.

Sango (サンゴ) — Dynasty Warriors

Dynasty Warriors, called “Sangoku Musou” in Japanese, appears as a girl that looks a lot like mainstay character Sun Shang Xiang.

Poona (プーナ) — Opoona

From quirky little Wii game Opoona, it’s pretty easy to guess the origin of this character’s name.

Brossa Aizen (ブロッサ 愛染) — Sakura Wars

Weird foreign-sounding name and an 18th century European military-esque uniform? This could only be Sakura Wars.

Ryuka (琉歌) — Yakuza

With an outfit halfway between that of a hostess club girl and a white mobster suit, Ryuka is a clear embodiment of the Yakuza franchise — or “Ryu ga Gotoku” as it is called in Japanese.

Tsunemi (つねみ) — Vocaloid/Project Diva

Tsunemi is based on the world’s most popular virtual singer, Hatsune Miku.

Hyper Goddess Faith Noire: Ultra Goddess Black Heart was released for the PlayStation Vita in Japan on May 29, 2014. There is currently no word on a Western release.


    • Neither has most other forms, most mecha anime look like they could be right out gundam’s animation studio, gorey (or that realistic style) anime from Gonzo etc hasn’t changed, magical girls will forever be wide eyed masses of ribbons and ruffles, cgi animes still look like old cgi, everything from kyoani hasn’t changed, etc etc.
      I mean no one really calls out the lack of change in American animation, we don’t say oh Matt Groening’s, animation is boring because it hasn’t changed.

      • Well, I basically meant most Anime styles haven’t changed.

        The Matt Groening thing doesn’t count (and his did change a lot anyway) as that is one particular artist, American animation has changed massively over the last 30 years, even if certain individuals have kept their particular style.

        • Actually there are so many different styles it’s not funny. It’s just the different ones don’t get attention from publishers all too often

  • First off, not another metal gear moe, but secondly, style wise, what is the moe for metroid going to be like trying to combine the power suit, fusion suit, zero suit (blonde hair) and the justin bailey suit (green hair)

  • The Chun Li one is probably the only instance of an anime design getting a less revealing costume than the source material…

  • What’s the point of making an anime girl version of an anime styled character? Pick something hard, like anime girl Infamous, or anime girl Hitman

    • Yeah, I was expecting some more stuff like the header pic, but basically got a page full of anime girls converted into fucking I don’t know, different anime girls somehow? Whatever.

    • These are from a game, made by a different publisher, with the different characters being homages to the original games. They can’t just grab the original characters as that would be copyright violation.

      As the Neptunia games are themselves made in Japan, it’s understandable that most of the games they’re paying homage to originated or are at least popular there. In fact every single franchise mentioned is Japanese in origin.

      The Neptunia games are based around the world of “Gameindustri” and tend to go a bit over the top in this sort of thing. The major “nations” are clearly patterned after Sony (Lastation/Playstation), Microsoft (Leanbox/XBox), Nintendo (Lowee/Wii) and Sega (Planeptune/Saturn).

  • I don’t know about you guys, but Ryuka looks more like Cate Archer from No One Lives Forever than from Yakuza.

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