I’d Forgotten How Bad The Animated TMNT Movie Was

I’d Forgotten How Bad The Animated TMNT Movie Was

With Leonardo off on a character-building mission in another country, the remaining turtles are forced to get day jobs. Meanwhile, April O’Neil has made the jump from journalist to ninja archaeologist for hire. Cinema Sins has its hands full with this one.

I purchased 2007’s TMNT on Blu-ray, motivated only by blind nostalgia, and look how I am repaid — a portal that spews monsters every 3000 years because of course it does, the same Raph vs. Leonardo story from the first Turtles movie, a cheap-arse twist towards the end and seriously, why the hell is April fighting ninjas?

Maybe the Michael Bay-produced love-action film won’t be so bad?


  • I’m pretty sure this will *still* end up being better than Bay Turtles. Remember going to see it in the cinema and found it to be pretty enjoyable, although Turtles Forever was still the better animated movie in my books.

    • Remember it’s only bay produced so calm the F%^k down 🙂 … it will probably just have a few explosions…

      Love Action Film? never heard of one, oh wait wasn’t this means war one!?!?

      also 2007 Tmnt wasn’t thaaaat bad c’mon the fight between raph and Leo in the rain was awesome!!

  • I really don’t like the Cinema Sins videos. Most of them really aren’t very clever or funny, and you could easily explain away the majority of the “sins” with pretty minimal effort.

    The “April is a Ninja” issue, for example. She’s been hanging out with the Turtles and dating Casey for years by this stage. It’s really not even a little bit hard to understand that she may now be training in martial arts.

    TMNT wasn’t great, but it wasn’t necessarily bad by TMNT standards. The whole franchise is pretty b-grade, but it’s a fun concept and I love it in small doses.

    • Pretty sure cinema sins has come out and actually said they do most of this in good fun. Which is why there is a cinema sins video ON cinema sins (Y)

  • I thought the general consensus was that TMNT was pretty good. Are we using tongue-in-cheek videos of film “mistakes” as quality barometers now?

    • I thought the general consensus was that TMNT was pretty good.Depends on which corner of the internet you ask and when. On the internet, today’s heroes are tomorrow’s enemies.

    • I thought it was fun, solidly acted and paced, and pretty well scripted. I liked the bad guys, Raphael wasn’t a completely dour douche muffin… Better than most turtles stuff, tbh.

  • That movie wasn’t bad.
    It was fun. I liked it.
    An hey, it is a kids movie! Ease off.

    It seems like the Cinema Sins guys are being a bit unfair when they turn their attention to a kids animated film. I mean something like Michael Bay’s Transformers (live action, and i guess still a kids film) makes more sense to be harsh on, doesn’t it? Isn’t this stretching it?

    Does anyone else get what I’m saying?

  • I didn’t think this movie was that bad honestly. Yes the monsters spewing out of the portal thing was a little over the top but you could say the same thing about that stupid Dimension X subplot the original animated series had (which, coincidentally, did not exist in the comics).

  • I haven’t watched the cinema sins video above but the nostalgia critic’s review is worth a watch. I went and saw this animated TMNT at the cinemas and mainly remember being disappointed none of the well known enemies made an appearance in the movie apart from the foot clan. You would have thought they’d have learnt a lesson after TMNT3.

    • The plan was to have a second and possibly a third film, but the company that did the all the CGI went under. They were also working on Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets) that was looking awesome. They also worked on that painful Astroboy film. I for one enjoyed the TNMT film.

  • I have to admit that I liked this movie quite a bit. It’s one of my guilty movies which I know I should laugh at and shrug off, but for some reason I just really enjoyed it. I’ll say it definitely wasn’t groundbreaking or ‘new’ but it was a fun, dumb movie, and I liked it.

    • Yeah I liked it to. Sat through it 10+ times with my nephew and I still do not mind it.

  • This movie is awesome. Author has no idea.
    I’m disappointed we never got a sequel to this because it clearly sets it up for one.

    Its also kinda a sequel to the original live action films (you see a lot of props from the live action films on the shelf at the end)

  • Its was a mildly entertaining cinematic adventure tailor made for planes and kids. Whats the drama. Sure as hell better than Turtles In Time – though that is no real accomplishment.

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