If Game Of Thrones Was Rendered In The PlayStation 1 Era...

16-bit retro-styled visuals have been popular for a long time now, do you ever foresee a future in which the low polygon 3D models of the 32-bit era would receive the same attention? My gut has always said no. Games looked terrible back then and we simply didn't realise it at the time. But these awesome looking low poly renders of Game of Thrones characters has me totally questioning my logic.

Because, seriously. I would play a video game with art like that. It's simple, it's beautiful, it's iconic. It hardly resembles those early 32-bit games, but it does somehow pay homage to that style. I think it's possible there is a generation of gamers who feel nostalgic about that age of games and I certainly think there's room for games being built in that style.

These images were created by Modi Levi and he's done a few of them including Margarey Tyrell, Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. [Mordi Levi]


    I wouldve imagined it would be a completely flat face/box head with a blurry texture and low aliasing lol. this is a bit too pretty

      Indeed. The PSX was never that pretty.

      Love live PSX.

        Agreed. You never saw this many polys on an object, let alone a face, in the PS1 era. Even the PS2 would have been pushing it a bit.

      Note that there are no textures applied to the polygons: it's just flat colour. I'm not convinced a PS1 could have hit this level of detail, but it could almost certainly have hit higher polygon counts with no texturing or lighting to worry about.

        Also, it doesn't look like the lighting etc is rendered in 3D in these pictures. Pretty pictures, but I don't really see the likeness to PS1 graphics.

    That looks more like a GameCube-level number of polygons. Just with really weird colouring.

    Poorly named article is poorly named.

    Uhhh no. This is definitely not PS1 era graphics.

    Snake solid


      Yes. There are more polygons in that picture than in all of MGS1.

    Only games without decent hardware acceleration looked crappy. I played 256 colour flight sims on my 286 that looked better than some PS1 games, and that was without acceleration. Go and check out prices of N64 vs PS1 on eBay, that little bit of extra graphics grunt has proven itself through time.

    OG Quake looked amazing in GL mode, I wish the friggin' steam version would work.

    If Game Of Thrones Was Rendered In The PlayStation 1 Era...

    At no stage was it ever mentioned that this was rendered by a PSOne, read carefully, it states during the PSOne Era not the actual PSOne.
    Please don't take pot shots at Kotaku Articles unless you are sure of your aim

      Either they are talking about during gameplay or during pre-rendered cutscenes as far as I can deduce. I mean Game of Thrones isn't a game, but if they mention PS1 I can only think it's a reference to games? If it was a TV show from that era it would avoid CG completely anyway, or at least it probably wouldn't be all crazy stylized.

      So... If gameplay this is too detailed and "mosaic" like ImO, if pre-rendered it would look more realistic than the pics, think FF7 cutscene quality. Cool pics, but I certainly can't make sense of the title in any other way :/

        if pre-rendered it would look more realistic than the pics, think FF7 cutscene quality.

        Think more like FF8 quality if your going for realistic cut scenes.


        ^ this

        Last edited 09/07/14 2:55 pm

          Yeah fair enough eh, been a while since I watched em.

      As far as I can tell, people are just comparing this to things that were actually rednered in this era ...a PS1 (as good as an example of any other contemporary console or compewter game) I think an interesting and valid comparison to draw, given what is mentioned in the article. Mark is obviously free to be reminded of whatever by whatever he wants though, noone is suggesting otherwise that I can see.

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