Indie Driving Game Is Unexpectedly Mesmerising

Indie Driving Game Is Unexpectedly Mesmerising

It's hard to take your eyes off those magical floating tyre tracks. The game is called Absolute Drift and it is about, well, drifting. You drive around various maps and score points by pulling off neat moves with your car. It's heavily in development but it already has a lot of charm to it.


It kinda looks like a cross between Mirror's Edge and a child playing with a toy car and building blocks. It's probably the crisp colours.

Indie Driving Game Is Unexpectedly Mesmerising

And then there's the tire tracks, which you can check out more closely in the animation to the left — they give the whole game a really unique look, almost like your car has charcoal pencils for wheels and you're driving on a painter's canvas. I can see people drawing stuff in this game and posting walkthrough videos on YouTube.

Absolute Drift has a (PC and Mac) demo you can try over at its Indie DB page.

Absolute Drift - Gameplay Videos [Indie DB]


    I'm pretty certain that car is a Skyline R33? Definitely downloading now!

    It's an R34. skyline

    I think this needs to be a Vita game. Right now.

    Just tried out the demo. Either I really suck at it or its extremely easy to spin out and lose control of the car.

      Yeah I seemed to always spin out as well. I guess the person in the video has had a lot of practice.

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