Instead Of Going To School, This 12 Year Old Made A Game Called Spacepants

Instead Of Going To School, This 12 Year Old Made A Game Called Spacepants

When I was 12 I didn’t like school much — who did? But if someone told me I didn’t have to go to school and could use the spare time to do whatever I wanted? I’d probably just spend it trying to break my speed records on Super Punch Out!! I tell you what I wouldn’t have done: worked my ass off to create a critically acclaimed video game.

But that’s precisely what home-schooled 12 year old Sam Smith did. He made Spacepants, an innovative endless runner that takes place in a single room.

Sam’s Dad, also a game developer, helped Sam out with some of the maths and Game Center integration, according to The Guardian, but the rest? It’s all Sam’s creation and it looks gloriously inventive.

I love the concept: an endless runner that takes place in a single, increasingly claustrophobic space. It’s available on iOS for $1.99. I’ve just bought it and by Jeeves I intend to play it.

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  • i don’t know if it’s my browser or some sort of mouseover thing but the jpeg in the title was vibrating it’s frame on the front page, refreshed page/blinked a whole lot and now my eyes hurt.
    Thanks a lot Sam Smith.

  • Wow, for 12 years old; that’s some very cool stuff. Looks like a fun little game. Kid’s going places…

  • wtf was with that sound it was PAINFUL just some horrible beeps and squaks, had to mute it just to get through the video.

    Aside from that its cool that the kid is making money from this but I certainly wouldn’t play it. Its the kinda stuff we made in grade 9/10/11 while learning to “code”, much the same way you learn a language and end up not knowing anything at all.

  • I remember speding days writing game programs in Atari Basic when I was 12. Wrote a pretty good boxing game that I was really proud of, and wrote a horse-racing game that my younfer brother and his mates used to play all the time.

    It was kind of cool that when you bought a computer in the early 80s, it just sat there with a programming language as it’s main interface.


    Nearly everyone was a programmer back then.

    • Agreed, and yep nowadays if a kid writes a game he makes the news. Goes to show the level of it skill kids have compared to the previous generation perhaps?

      That being said, good on the fella, it looks great, I hope he keeps up with his coding, he could be the next carmack/Romero etc.
      Kudos to his dad for supporting his interest as well.

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