It's 2014, And GTA IV Looks Better Than Ever

It's 2014 And GTA IV Looks Better Than Ever

Version 3.0 of Grand Theft Auto IV's ever-popular iCEnhancer graphics mod is finally out and downloadable for all. It is, predictably, gorgeous. I can't wait to see what these folks end up doing with the PC version of GTA V.

My favourite part? The plant. It really is the little things.

The new version just dropped, and right now its website is kinda getting hammered. You might have to wait a bit to download it, is what I'm saying. Sorry about that. Here's another video to tide you over, though.

This obviously isn't a super gigantic leap up from previous versions, but it still looks excellent in my opinion. What do you think?


    This is tempting me to finally buy the game on PC.

    It may look nice, but gta IV is no where near as fun as San Andreas and GTA V.

      I absolutely hated San Andreas, but loved all the ones before that.

      well with GTAV coming to PC, expect to see this again, if not alot better

      Whether that's true or not, GTA4 is a truckload of fun.

    I'd go as far as saying that it looks like a Liberty City map download on GTA V.

      are you a console peasant? GTAV looked terrible, it need ICEhancer

    Yeah this is definitely the case. I went back and had a look at the 360 version of IV the other day and man, it looks & plays horribly. Like every GTA it just hasn't aged well...Though even at the time it wasn't all that fun, it basically stripped the series of everything that made it fun and replaced it with a sluggish, over animated mess with nothing to do.

    GTA V is on the right track, still missing some stuff but it's technically amazing and FUN! Only problem is, Rockstar sold out and saved all the really good stuff for MP only. It nerfed SP just so people would grab their stupid cash cards.

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