Like Playing Assassin's Creed In Real Life

It's Like Playing Assassin's Creed In Real Life (Without The Stabbing)

Ubisoft has created an official Assassin's Creed obstacle course minus any bales of hay or annoying guards. You can run through it at San Diego Comic-Con next week (location info here). Cool or not? What do you think?

Let the game's Chief Parkour Officer (!?!) walk you through it:


    Looks amazing, but also looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

      This is my reaction, I'm also thinking it will generate some amazing slow motion fedora fail videos. I'm willing to take bets on the incident that causes it to close early, current favourite is; Spinal injury on the leap of faith at 2:1.

        I'm sure people will have to sign some pretty airtight forms before running it.

          I dont know how airtight forms can be, esp in merika.

            In New Zealand there is a nation wide law to protect business and events like this from being sued by morons.

              Well new zealand has some public insurance compensation scheme that you pay in tax or something. Most of the world does not, esp merikaaa.

                I'm placing bets on broken ankles on the tic tac section.

    Love the idea, looks fantastic! I think it will go really well :)

    So the Chief Parkour Officer, hired after the creation of AC:Unity and with pending involvement in future products, is going to be the new advertising face for the physical authenticity of the series?

    Well heck, that was a PR curve ball no one saw coming.
    In addition, there's a course amongst that pile of signage?


    Smart. They could bring this to the EB Expo or PAX.

    Unfortunately, they didn't have the resources to design it for female entrants, so it's male entrants only.

    At some point in the video it stops being parkour and becomes Wipeout.

    So will females be allowed to run the course or would it be too much effort for ubisoft to accommodate that?

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