It's Quakecon: Therefore Steam Sales

Quakecon is good. There is news regarding games from pretty much any Zenimax owned series you can name, in addition to the convention itself which is, by all accounts, jolly good fun. But for us plebs stuck at home, there's always the mega sale on Steam and this year is no exception.

Skyrim, for the two or three of you who don't already have it, is $8.74. Fancy shelling out for the Legendary Edition? That's $16.99.

But there are a whole host of games on sale at the moment including Dishonored, Wolfenstein: The New Order and just about every Doom and Fallout game you can imagine.

Have at it.


    I need both Doom gameplay to see and news on Fallout 4. Damn you Zenimax & Bethseda *shakes fist*

    I bought Skyrim like a week before the the Legendary Edition came out and they WILL NOT reduce the price of the individual DLC. Stinging me for another f*&$in $16. Pricks.

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