James Joyce Is Back, In VR Form

James Joyce is Back, In VR Form

James Joyce's Ulysses is a classic novel (I hear), but you know what could make it better (I assume)? Virtual reality (hopefully)!

Look, I haven't finished Ulysses. And that's OK! Even nerds that celebrate Bloomsday can agree that it can be a daunting novel. Which is why Dublin filmmaker Eoghan Kidney is trying to make it a bit more digestible by turning one of the more difficult parts of the book — the chapter Proteus — into an interactive VR experience called In Ulysses: Proteus.

James Joyce is Back, In VR Form

You can check out Eoghan's crowdfunding page over here. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go polish off Dhalgren and Infinite Jest while sobbing in jags and glancing at the CliffNotes every five seconds.

via The Creator's Project


    I really enjoyed Joyce's other works (Dubliners & Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man), but couldn't get into Ulysses. I expect this project will probably ruin the novel, but at least it will make the content more accessible and encourage more people to attempt the book.

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